Ask the guy whose Ambien is finally kicking in

It’s been a rough few weeks for a variety of reasons. I’m not the best sleeper ordinarily, but I am also being treated for carpal tunnel with splints I need to wear at night. These make sleeping impossible for me.

So here we go. I am not in any danger of leaving my apartment. I don’t own a car. I will soon have mild hallucinations and if I am still awake by then, I will have to fight off the desire to eat an entire box of those fucking fantastic maple sugar cookies from Trader Joe’s.

Better living through chemistry. So if you have any questions for someone whose consciousness is legally retreating, now might be a good time.

Just tell what the hallucinations were like. I took ambien while I was painting a picture and it took a while for me to realize that paint molecules generally do not have conversations with one another.

Funny you mention that. On my desk is a small replica of a mummy I got from the museum when I was a kid. In the past few minutes, it has started making unwanted advances towards my inkjet.

I’ve even caught some of my wife’s stuffed animals having miscegenetic trysts.

I ate a cookie. Shit.

Go to sleep, goddamn it. :slight_smile:

Dream sweet dreams of short swords.

I haven’t had a good fight dream in years. These days, I have had set theory dreams. Kind of depressing.

You’re not asleep yet.

Almost there. Staying on target.

Staaaaay on target…

And stop arguing with Rand Rover. It’s bad for you.


I turned off my targeting computer. I dunno what the hell I am shooting at.

Trust your feelings.

And the Ambien.

Yeah, good point. I think it’s telling me to sleep while I can. When the baby comes in six months, I am going go try to get my dosage doubled.

Whoa there. Wake the hell up. You’re having a kid? Congratulations! Mine is due in about two weeks.

No need to ask anything - I take Ambien too. Was an interesting first few weeks with it. Now it helps me sleep, but it doesn’t hit me so hard.

Hot damn, that’s fantastic. August for ours. My wife is just getting over the first trimester hump and is finally feeling better.

It only hits me hard if I wait too long to go to bed. :wink:

I don’t get hallucinations, or drive or eat in my sleep. I just get about 6 hours of sleep.

Good stuff!

Is it safe to take Ambien while pregnant? Everytime I take Ambien when I’m having insomnia it doesn’t do anything. I say up the whole night.

When Chuck Berry comes into your bathroom with a straight razor and wants to cut off half your goatee, don’t worry, it’s normal.

Man, that’s some hump, huh? The mental adjustment will continue, but I’m glad she’s feeling better. We’re in waiting-on-pins-and-needles mode now. I just wish there was a way that he could just BE here already, dammit. As a first-timer, I’m going nuts right now.

Don’t… or your wife may harm you. You’re going to need to help out with the midnight wakeups!

I’ve never posted while on Ambien (tried it in the early 00’s and found it had too much rebound). I use Sonata occasionally and normally it doesn’t do much beyond helping me fall asleep when I turn the lights out.

This past December, however, I’d been awake for most of 36 hours due to gallbladder symptoms (the pain wasn’t fun, but the nonstop ITCHING made sleep impossible). At 8 PM, I took a Sonata hoping it would make me sleep despite the itches (it didn’t, dammit). A bit before 9 PM, I posted the following to a Restless Legs email list.

At midnight - afte the Sonata gave me precisely ONE hour of sleep and the pain had showed up again, I saw what I’d written and … oh my.

I cleaned the computer screen a couple days later. I miss the polar bears though!