Ask the male teenager

“No! NOOOOO!! Not another Ask the… thread!” shrieks the collectice masses of SDers!
::Cue thousands of dopers jumping off cliffs, like lemmings:

Do you have any questions to do with teenagers? Any at all? Please, please I’m despereate! None of you have any questions? None at all? :frowning:


Are you really Idaho?

give us some background of yourself so we know what to ask about a teenage male is a bit general

No, I am really Neveda. I was ashamed of my dark and sordid past, and decided to start over.

I am 14, like comic books alot, enjoy Stepehn King and playing starcraft, am good with computers, and currently taking medication for sleep and mood improvement, but it’s doing pretty much the opposite :(.

What would be your advice to Ivylass in this thread ?

I think that she shouldn’t need to worry about that. It’s natural of kids my age to be interested in such things. I know I was/am, and it’s hard for a mother to imagine their children being innocent and then suddenly thinking of such adult matters like sex.

You do realize that about half of us are or were teenaged boys, don’t you?

I’ve got nothing to ask you, because I already did that bit.

When are you going to clean your room?

People still play Starcraft? You like Deathmatch or Use Map Settings games more?

Yes, they do. I personally prefer player vs. player games. Although, for the last 30 minutes or so I’ve been playing this great Use map setting style game based on WW2 and our time lasted til 1949:eek:. It depends, some are quite good while others are just bad.

You could ask me SK or SC questions… Or just ask a random question :wink:

I would like to note I was playing on the nazi side.

That’ll sure help me plenty when I become a mod.


My post here seems a bit snippy, but I didn’t mean it that way.

The last electronic-format game I ever played was “Asteroids” on the orginal Atari machine in the early '80s, so I have no questions there either.

I think I’ll go away now.

Why haven’t you made the transition to Warcraft III? It’s expansion is almost out for cris’sakes. Starcraft was so 1997-2001.

Great choice of game though. Do you play Brood War? Any other Blizzard games? Blizz is god :slight_smile:

I’m going to try and get WC3. I know, I am behind in the times. SC is a great game for playing with your friends, and hopefully we’ll be seeing a SC2. That’d be nice. Yes, I play Brood War although I don’t really play maps that utilize medics( any other changes than medics? It’s been a while since I’ve played campaign). I do play Diablo 2 with my friends(I’m in a computer club; usally play SC but sometimes D2) and have Warcraft 2 although it’s gotten dusty ever since I’ve started to play SC.

Do you play any Xbox Live games?

First off, I like the user name. Great books.

I was wondering if you have any ambitions currently. You seem like an intelligent guy; have you thought much about your future as an adult, or are you letting that take care of itself for the moment?

If you have questions about setting yourself up for a career, do you have a good, reliable source of advice?

Do you have any questions that you can’t find the answers to?

What’s your favorite thing about your life right now? And your least favorite?

I played WC3 multiplayer for a while, but it’s the same as the other games. No one knows how to play or wants to cooperate, “Rushing” is 9/10 of the game.

No, I do not currently own Xbox or any of the Next gen game systems. Although, when I do I am planning on getting a ps2.