Ask the OP

In response to Lobsang’s “Ask the Member of a Internet Message Board” thread …

Although my scope may not be as broad as an Internet Message Board Member, I’ve been involved with this particular thread since the beginning. Feel free to ask anything about this OP, even questions you’ve had for a while, but didn’t know where to ask.

PS - For reference, here’s a link to the OP itself: Ask the OP

So, Arjuna34, how did you originally conceive the idea for this thread?

Did you spell check the post or do anything special like that?

What do you hope for an outcome?

How does that make you feel?

Did you coin the term OP?

Will this thread become a franchise? I mean, do you feel it really has the legs to keep going like the, say ‘Ask a Man’s Nipple’ thread?

As goeth Lobsang’s thread, so goeth this one. And for the same reason.