Ask the person who has never ever shopped on black Friday

I like to shop for things for other person’s.
I’ve raised kids in the age of the Nintendo and DS. And fancy cel phones.
I have grandkids who love toys, alot.
The Lil’Wrekker loves fashion and shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.
How have I escaped the black Friday foderol?
I just don’t know.

I accidentally ended up in the stores back in college. I wasn’t that aware of black Friday or its popularity.

I got what I needed and learned a lesson.

I’m guessing the store crowds are smaller now? Online shopping has really hurt local businesses.

I did Black Friday exactly once, in a smallish city in the late 90s. Decided it wasn’t worth doing again, and as much crazier as it’s gotten in that time, I’m even less inclined to do so now. Getting beaten or stabbed in a frenzied mob does not appeal.

I always knew you were sane. The only time I did it, kind of, was when I went to a KMart to get a cheap George Foreman grill. (Yes, a long time ago.) What the hell are all these people doing here? I thought to myself. Oh, Black Friday.
Never again.
These days I can get as good deals online without my tush ever leaving my chair.

In Australia Black Friday is a quite recent, retail driven phenomenon.

Australians have never had any truck with Thanksgiving. Halloween is quite low key chance to fuel primary school age obesity held in our early summer as little oinks in seasonal garb patrol some streets for treats (nobody tricks here) which concludes before sunset. But there is a palpable sense that Black Friday will become a bigger event than either.

I have no fundamental problem with the commercial aspect, though one originating in the aftermath of a pagan festival and named by law enforcement and emergency services for the staggering number of people who’d injure themselves and others in their feckless rush to grab a bargain befuddles me.

I work in supply chain for a global FMCG corporation. You better believe that if our retailer channels want move the FMCG, we’ll supply the FMCG. But I do have an issue with the appropriation of the name. And interestingly enough, one of the country’s largest retailers is also avoiding using the name.

Black Friday was a national disaster here, a catastrophe. One of the biggest and most devastating bushfire events in known history in a country where inferno and conflagration threaten every summer.

the sales aren’t any good compared to 10-20 years ago anyway.

what I sometimes do nowadays is if a store in town has a good deal on minor stuff (not the loss leaders on the front page of the ad) if you wait until afternoon to shop the crowds are gone and it’s like a normal shopping day but all the small stuff (towels, minor kitchen appliances, etc) are still in stock.

But as for op, you never heard of the concept or you just didn’t partake?

I knew it happened. I couldn’t bring myself to join in the hectic crowds.

I’m agoraphobic and I have germaphobia as well. I’ve been social distancing my whole life.

I told everyone this pandemic was gonna happen. They laughed.
And I stayed home.

To put myself thru the anxiety to save $5 seemed stupid.

I’ve never gone out shopping on Black Friday.

I’ve never shopped on Black Friday.

I did Black Friday once, with my wife, when we were somewhat newly married. This would have been in either 2010, 2011, or maybe 2012. I don’t remember the exact year. We did it mostly for the experience, to say that we had done it at least once. It wasn’t worth it. I would have rather been at home eating leftover turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

I agree I wouldn’t do black Friday to save $5 but back when I was going I’d routinely save $500-$1000 and that was totally worth getting up and my normal time. Of course I also wasn’t going to Walmart so I always had a pleasant experience. One year in midland TX the manager of the home depot came out and set up a table with coffee and doughnuts for everyone waiting in line. Everyone got out of line, enjoy the treats and laughed at the line wrapping around the line at Walmart while the 20 of us enjoyed ourselves.

The worst experience I had was people waiting patiently in line at best buy and the doorbuster TV tickets ran out with the person in front of me. I’ve never seen pushing or shoving and everyone has generally been very pleasant.

Of course, now I can accomplish the same thing from my couch so I don’t go anymore.

I never shopped on Black Friday… until today. I went to The Mens Wearhouse because I needed a couple of shirts. Coincidentally, my vintage Sub came back after its overhaul, so I picked it up. Ben Bridge gave me a free teddy bear for my ‘purchase’.

I’ve never shopped for gifts on Black Friday, but discovered today it’s a great time to shop for groceries. Everyone has plenty of food, so the stores are empty, and live turkeys are heavily discounted.

Live Turkeys?
That’s nuts. My Walmart don’t sell that.
I wanna go buy them and parole them to the life on the farm.

My ex-wife would go shopping on Black Friday but would go out later and not try to get the door buster deals. That’s the closest I’ve come to knowing someone who did Black Friday shopping and she wasn’t in for the full experience

Wait. Live turkeys? Are the stores running out of turkey feed?

Like, megadittoes. I also haven’t ordered anything from a Black Friday sale online.

If I took out time to do those things I might miss out on leftover pie.

Hmm, maybe I should check out Rural King today. They could live in the basement until Xmas.

Crowds give me anxiety so I don’t shop in public on Black Friday at all. I do shop online though.