ask the person who spent friday and saturday morrning in a cell in a britiish police station

Is the pool heated?

Did they take your shoelaces? If not, we’re you tempted? Did you have time to make a shiv?

It may not have been flushable from inside the cell. Some prisoners will hide contraband in the toilet and then flush it away if the guards come in to do an unexpected cell search. Or some prisoners will stuff clothing inside the toilet and try to flush it down to jam up the toilet and flood the cell. So the flush control is placed outside the cell.

Is it true that cigarettes are like money on the inside?

Did the chief detective wear a monocle, or carry a large magnifying glass?

Did they provide a translator to explain the charges in English?

Not afternoon tea in the Ritz sense but an afternoon cup of tea - sure! But I could have tea any time I liked day or night by pressing the call button.

Yes but it is for anyone under caution, not just being arrested. It is slightly different however in that while there is an absolute right to remain silent, the court is at liberty to make an adverse inference if you bring up a defence (in court) that you could have brought up at the time.

Therefore the wording of the caution is as follows:

I was wearing slip ons. I had plenty of time to make a shiv if I had any of the materials or had a clue how to do so.

Edit: I just remembered I had to leave the shoes outside the cell in any case.

Makes sense; thanks.

Here is a tip for Dopers:

I have spent the night in jail twice. In the second case no charges were ever brought, in the first, the charges ended up being dismissed prior to trial. The point being that you don’t have to engage in criminal activity for this to happen to you.

If you ever end up in the hoosegow, you may well get a phone call, (In both cases I was eventually allowed free access to phones) but you will probably not have access to your cell-phone or wallet/purse. Ask yourself how many people you know that you can dial from memory or have a listed number. Remember these must be people with landlines that will answer the phone, and will accept a collect call from the jailhouse. (even if local)

If the number is small, then I suggest you make a list that will fit on the back of a lawyer’s business card, laminate it, and keep it in your wallet. The police are required to allow you to keep that on your person when you are booked into holding. It wouldn’t hurt if the lawyer was a criminal lawyer, just in case none of your friends are home.

In these days of cell phone contact lists and auto-dialing many people don’t actually know the numbers they dial the most. What is your plan B if you lose or lose access to that phone?

Accepting that you do not intend to discuss the actual charges ( good idea!)

Were you arrested at a point of entry to the UK? Or at your home? Was it local PC Plod who lifted you or were you arrested by some specialised agency, for example customs and excise and held at their facilities?

When they gave you your “rights” speech did you then actually talk to them without a solicitor present?

Years ago when I was in the UK I ordered some Salvia Divinorum over the internet and was arrested for importing a controlled substance… only at that time Sage Wisdom wasn’t a controlled substance, guess they thought it was dope.

I was being questioned about all sorts of unrelated stuff which confused the fuk out of me but was adamant that I wouldn’t talk to them without a solicitor present.

After 24 hours I was released by the lock up sergeant and just shown the door with no explanation whatsoever.

When I consulted a lawyer afterwards he just advised me to forget it it. Never got my Salvia back.

Good luck with your charges

Did a large man make you his girlfriend?

Or…you could go the more traditional approach and not do stuff that gets you arrested.

Are you serious? You think that no innocent person has ever been arrested?

I was arrested at my home. It was by customs and excise, but I was taken to the police station in a police van while customs searched my house with a police dog. Then customs took stuff from my house - I have since got my computers back incidentally. Quick service, eh!

I only spoke to them to confirm I would chat to a solicitor but I was not necessarily unwilling to talk to them. I spoke to a solicitor after he was given disclosure and we decided the right approach was to talk to them and answer everything honestly. However there was a possibility of going no comment and that was also discussed. I would have done as advised.

Not worth it.

You win the “Completely missed the point” award for the day.

I said “good luck with your charges”

But I realise that if you have been released, then there may in fact be no charges pending.

What was your release mechanism? Are you on police bail? Did you appear before a magistrate formally charged and subsequently released under your own supervision?

Are you going to get yourself a better solicitor? Although am used to the brit system I strongly aver to advice given to my American buddies and that is never offer information to the police when in an arrested situation. They are not now or ever on your side they are looking for an opportunity to close a case against you. Yeah am cynical

You watch too much TV. Miranda warnings must be given before questioning. Not automatically after an arrest. I have arrested many people without ever reading them their rights. I have also had people tell me “Ha Ha this will get thrown out because you didn’t read me my rights!” And yet its never happened.

Required how? You get booked, you carry nothing.

It’s different in the UK, a detained person must be cautioned as soon as reasonably possible after arrest (if they’re fighting the arresting officers or so out of it on drink or drugs it can wait but only until the first feasible moment). Unless its an absolute offence such as an officer actually witnessing someone acting in a disorderly manner then an Article 3 caution isn’t necessary.

I have searched for the wording of the Article 3 caution that is always used as I believe it is slightly different than that posted by Confused dart cum but has exactly the same meaning.

“You do not have to say anything, but I must caution you that if you do not mention when questioned, something which you later rely on in court, it may harm your defense, if you do say anything it may be given in evidence.”

It doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue does it, I prefer CDC’s wording.

There are Article 5 and 6 Cautions used specifically to caution a suspect about their presence in an area and/or items located in or on their possession at time of arrest but those are so convoluted its not even funny.

A person is also supposed to be informed that they’re actually under arrest, the nature of the alleged offence and the allegations against them. There are also a list of necessity criteria, at least one of which must be fulfilled to make the arrest lawful and proportinate.

And contrary to the firmly held belief of a large proportion of the British public an officer does not have to be wearing their hat in order to arrest someone… :wink:

I was told I could keep a card with my lawyer’s contact info. The lawyers give out such cards which include instructions to follow until they arrive. Might be a local thing.

I am on police bail; didn’t appear in front of anyone.

No need to get a better solicitor really, from a cost/benefit point of view no point in paying.

In general I agree with your view that saying nothing is the best default option. Do they have something like “disclosure” in America? What that means is that the police (or in this case customs) tell your solicitor what all the evidence against you is, before they interview you, so the best advice can be given.

Anyway because I don’t want to go into detail about the offence I can’t explain why but it did make sense to co-operate (frankly a drunken skunk could prove I was doing something after the search of my house and since what I was doing was about the least possible of the offences the evidence could point to then better to cooperate, also the punishment is more likely to be “treatment”. And I needed my computers back.)

There is no law to the effect so there could be a local rule. We are under no obligation to let you call your lawyer at anytime. Just before questioning.