Ask your too-stupid-to-be-real cooking questions here.

See, I have a too-stupid-to-be-real question and I don’t want to be all stupid-looking by myself. So I’ve started an everything you wanted to know but were to embarrassed to ask thread in order to not be alone in my shame.

My question: My son bought this ubiquitous lemon juicer the other day. I’ve got some cut limes for limeade and. . . I’m not sure which way to put the lime in. I’m thinking the cut side toward the holes but then shouldn’t I be driving the hump into the cut side for maximum juice?

Yeup, I don’t know how to use a juicer. Any answer and/or similarly dumb question appreciated.

Answer: You put the lime (or lemon) in so that it matches the shape of the gadget, backwards from what I think you’re describing. The holes are to facilitate airflow rather than to release juice. I think.

I’ll think hard to see if I can remember any of my stupid cooking questions. I know I’ve had some. Maybe they got stuck in the back of the kitchen gadgets drawer…

Uh, no. You do as the OP would do: Cut side against the holes. That way you’ll turn the lime inside out and release the most juice.

Emma is right, put the cut side toward the hump. Though, the holes aren’t for airflow. The juice will flow through them.

Well isn’t my face red. Now I think I’m wrong!

Lemon being squeezed the way you said, not the way I said… and another one

In my defense, our citrus juicer is the dish type with no lever and I’ve never actually used one of the kind you have.

and a shot of some post-juicing inside-out lemon halves

Who’da thunk it?

My stupid cooking question:
Must the color of the juicer match the fruit?

Oh, the juice thickens. Apparently it’s not just you and me that are confused. Some people apparently use it like I said.

Maybe you should undertake a comparative experiment, assuming you have more than one lime half to juice?

And if so, what do you juice with the one on the right in this pic?

What yielded the most juice: First put lime in flesh facing away from holes, squeeze. Turn lime around, squeeze again. More juice than doing either one only or flesh facing holes first.

You put the lime in the coconut and drink 'em both up.

Science! I love it!

And that makes sense – first you rupture all the little pulpy juice sacs with direct rigid pressure, then you squeeze their contents out of the rind on reverse.

Congratulations for asking a not-stupid question and then answering it properly.

Is there such a thing as instant water?

And what do you add to it to make water?

I think about looking this up once in a while but this is the perfect opportunity to ask.

Scrambled eggs…how are they made?

And then you make Margaritas. I’ve studied this phenomena extensively. It is good.

A real one from the summer in the university dorm. How hot do you have to get the water to fry chicken?

If you’re feeding them to me, please use the lowest possible heat your stovetop produces from start to finish, and add pepper and dill.

Hotter than that. No, hotter.

It’s ready to use when the water starts to smoke.

Blueberries, silly!