Asking for help finding mystery novel for a shut-in

Large print a must! African American characters a plus!

Jeffrey Deaver comes to mind for your African American character, but large print, I don’t know.

Sounds like your friend might like a Kindle

At $259.00, they’re still kinda expensive, but maybe if y’all went in together on it?



The Last Juror by Grisham has an African-American main character.

Ed McBain’s 87 Precient mysteries have an African-American detective named Arthur Brown.
How about the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency? Set in South Africa, and all that.

Botswana, actually.

Walter Mosley’s Easy Rollins series might be right up her alley, and I’d be amazed if they’re not available in large print:

But they’re not African-American, of course. :slight_smile:

Janet Evanovich’s “Stephanie Plum” series of novels are hysterical. They feature Lula the African American sidekick of Stephanie as well as “Ranger” a Cuban-American.

They mysteries aren’t hard to figure but the first seven of them are very good.

They are all on books on tape and large print, and popular enough to get them at most libraries.

James Patterson’s Alex Cross series all star an African-American detective. Here’s a small blurb from Wiki:

These are best-selling books which should be easily available.


I second Walter Mosley. The Easy Rawlins series or the Socrates Fortlow ones.

For historical mysteries, Barbara Hambly writes a good series set in New Orleans with a character named Benjamin January.

Julie Smith writes about two characters in New Orleans, Skip Langdon (tough white female cop) and Talba Wallis (African-American female cybersleuth).

You might try Grace Edwards or Chassie West . I’m not sure that either is available in large print, but likely some of their works are available on audio books.

I find when I am in a shut-in situation, stories that take me a ways away (both in time and location) help. Three shined in dealing with this. Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Whimsey mysteries (sorry no Afro-American characters). It takes place in Britain in the 1920s. The Judge Dee mysteries (once again no Afro-American characters) They take place in ancient China (Basically an all Chinese cast - with a couple of Monguls thrown in). Finally, Upton’s Napolean Boneparte mysteries. No, they are not French, they are Australian in the 20s and 30s with the main character being a half Aborigine (Not Afro-American, but the main character does deal with many racial problems).

Thank you for your suggestions.