Asparagus makes for stinky urine?

I kind of dread when I eat Asparagus. :frowning:

I mean I like it and everything, but immediately after I eat it, if I urinate, it stinks in a unique way. No other food creates that same stink, it reminds me of the stink in some seawater. Obviously there’s some unique chemical compound in Asparagus that’s doing this.

Does anybody know what it is? Does anybody else’s urine stink after Asparagus? Should I pee for science? :eek:

Everyone produces the smell but as I remember it the ability to smell it is genetic and you either can or can’t.

If you asked Cecil about this, here’s what he would say.

Thanks, heresiarch, I guess I should search Cecil’s tomes of wisdom before asking these questions, but it’s so slow sometimes that I don’t have the patience. Thank you for persevering on my behalf! :slight_smile:

slight hijack…

Cecils columns are not on the same server as the board. So the search is not near as slow.