Aspartame: toxic or just a harmless sweetner?

Is Aspartame toxic or just a harmless sweetner?

I read that it is really bad for you…the industry says that it aint.

Shit. I drink a lot of Diet Coke. Am I poisoning myself? Is Monsanto conspiring to cover up the truth?

Martyr #7

IMHO, Martyr #7 is merely a pale imitator of Connie. His questions are too stupid right off the bat, and his attitude is a bad parody of C#3’s.

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Mister Wizard Slythe,

By insinuating that my serious post about Aspartame is “stupid” you have hurt me personally and are ruining my enjoyment of the Straight Dope Message Board.

I thought that mean people that liked to insult other people were guilty of the “don’t be a jerk” rule.

Mister Moderator, please banish this Wizard guy to the BBQ Pit where he and his insults belong.

Martyr #7

Here we go again!

Nice to see you two guys “getting along” as always…



Probably. You ought to cover your windows with aluminum foil, because Monsanto’s most likely beaming radio waves into your head when you’re sleeping, too. The place is run by damn space aliens. :wink:

Seriously, here’s what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has to say (if you believe them):

Marty, I apologize.
You are doing a wonderful parody of C#3. The trollish questions, the “Look at me, I’m a martyr!” attitude, and the practice of accusing everyone else of being trolls is dead-on Connie. I can’t wait for you to go off topic across the Board with accusations posing as questions.

A major grocer in the UK has banned products containing Aspartame from it’s shelves. But don’t take my word for it. Read it yourselves:

I found this too:

“Endocrinologist H 3 Roberts MD, FACP studied aspartame 15 years, has a data base of 1,300 victims. He’s declared Aspartame Disease a world epidemic. Dr Roberts was selected as The Best Doctor in the United States by the medical journal Practice 84 and authored textbooks used in training thousands of doctors. 40% of our children consume aspartame, and if your child is diabetic Roberts says aspartame will drive blood sugar out of control, destroy the optic nerves and cause diabetic convulsions. His books, Aspartame [NutraSweet] is it Safe Sweet’ner Dearest and Defense Against Alzheimer’s Disease should be on every doctor’s bookshelf, and you need them if you or your child is a victim.”

I practically LIVE on diet Coke.

I have the pleasure and opportunity to meet with manny people who are experts in their fields; it’s part of my job. I have had several health-care professional, and researchers, tell me that diet Coke actually contributes to my weight problem. I forget exactly how; either by stimulating the appetite or perhaps by confusing body signals that reflect true appetite.

The question is certainly being raised by serious and credible researchers as to whether the artificial sweetener is harmful to human health. It is a question I worry about, having grown up on cyclamates and then switched to saccharin and aspartame.

Good question, Marty. Cheif, thanks for the links.


“I’ll never argue with a lawyer again.” – The Devil Himself.

Thanks Melin. I’ll convey your thanks to M#7 as he has also been recently banned as well.

Snopes handled this topic in some detail, with additional links, pro and con:

I’ve heard it causes multiple personality disorder…

Slythe, you know, I used to like you. But you’re doing the same thing to Connie that you’ve accused him of doing for months–following him around and insulting him without any provocation. I mean, was that really necessary to post as the first response in a question about aspartame? If I had posted that question, would you be jumping over me and calling me stupid right off the bat? I don’t think so.

Sure, maybe C#3 needs to grow up. But this shit happened MONTHS ago, and you’re still egging it on, and then whining when he snaps back at you. As far as I’ve seen from Connie in the past month or so, he’s really calmed down and contributed a lot. And yet you’re always there, waiting for any excuse to insult him.

Blatant hypocrisy like this makes me sick. If you were anywhere near a decent person, you’d apologize. Not necessarily to C#3, because I doubt you could ever muster up that kind of humility. But perhaps you could apologize to the rest of the people reading this thread for your pathetic little attempt to drag it down to the Pit before anyone even had a chance to answer the question.

Drain Bead, Connie has NOT been passive these last few months, either to me or to the Moderators. If you see no harm in flooding the board with multiple names and abusive postings, both on the board and through e-mail, I suggest that you go find an unmoderated board and observe for a few days. I have no objection to Connie coming back on in another form, and I waited until he, in all his many forms, quickly made an ass of himself before I commented.
Tell me, what would he have to do before you would kick him off a board you were moderating?

BTW, I quess my greatest beef with Connie is that he is most definitely guilty of the one great sin in my book: The willful propogation of ignorance.

Slythe, please! Some of us avoid the BBQ pit because of this kind of behavior! Show a bit of mercy (to someone who really doesn’t deserve it) and let us DEBATE rather than RANT in here.
And, (trying vainly to unhijack the thread) hasn’t Uncle Cecil gotten into some trouble already with Nutra Sweet? I think its mentioned in one of the books…but too lazy to go get it right now. I’d never drink the diet drinks, but that’s cuz they taste horrible to me.


I read the FDA link that you provided on the topic of Aspartame.

I’d like to make to observations:

  1. The report was published in 1996

  2. The FDA naturally needs to be defensive
    about it’s decision to OK Asparatame.

It is my understanding (but I’ll check later to make sure) that the FDA rejected Aspatame at least once if not twice before OKing it under pressure from the manufacturer and their lobbyists.

In the 3 or 4 years since the FDA compiled the report in the link you provided, more data has become available and the questions and concerns that I’ve read and provided links to are recent.

All I can tell you about aspartame is that, to me, Nutrasweet™-containing products have the EXACT SAME aftertaste as those made with saccharine.

Has Martyr #7 really been banned already? I’d been looking forward to some more surrealism regarding unearthly visitors.

Perhaps when he returns, he’ll be Martyr #8.

"An analysis of peer reviewed medical literature using MEDLINE and other databases was conducted by Ralph G. Walton, MD, Chairman, The Center for Behavioral Medicine, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. Dr. Walton analyzed 164 studies which were felt to have relevance to human safety questions. Of those studies, 74 studies had aspartame industry-related sponsorship and 90 were funded without any industry money.

Of the 90 non-industry-sponsored studies, 83 (92%) identified one or more problems with aspartame. Of the 7 studies which did not find a problems, 6 of those studies were conducted by the FDA. Given that a number of FDA officials went to work for the aspartame industry immediately following approval (including the former FDA Commissioner), many consider these studies to be equivalent to industry-sponsored research."


The Aspartame Toxicity Information Center

Fear not, my controversial friend. Check this out: Aspartame Urban Legend

Remember Voltaire.