Aspirin and Flowers

I looked it up on Google, and found conflicting reports. So, what’s the Straight Dope? Does aspirin really prolong the freshness of cut flowers when put in their vase-water? How about sugar?

Huh…good question. I googled as well, This dude seems to have credentials. basically, the aspirin acts to control bacteria in the water…“which tends to block water conducting tissues in the flower stems”… some folks use a drop or two of bleach to accomplish the same thing.

Sugar can be used as food for the flower. Apparently, Listerine has both.

However, this gal, also a horticulturist says a big NO to using aspirin or other home remedies.

Maybe some data collection is in order?

And here we go…although she used Advil. I think we’re going to need to get a judges ruling on this.

Salicylic acid (of which acetyl salicylic acid is an ester of) is a plant hormone.

It has been demonstrated that salicylic acid is involved in disease response in plants.

Not sure if the florist industry had conducted research into whether the addition of acetyl salicylic acid to cut-flower solution improves disease resistance to the cut flower. Try a google.

btw willow-bark contains salicylic acid and was once used as a bush remedy.

Just tried a google of ‘salicylic acid preserve flower’ - nothing useful.

Found this paper though.
Acetyl salicylic acid (Aspirin) and salicylic acid induce multiple stress tolerance in bean and tomato plants.

Plant Growth Regulation. 30(2). Feb., 2000. 157-161.

To precis the abstract: Bean and tomato seedlings drenched in SA or ASA “displayed enhanced tolerance to heat, chilling and drought stresses”.

Wonder if viagra is any good at keeping cut flowers erect?

I doubt it, but you may be interested in this thread in which Hemlock asked why his domestic helper is using birth control pills to fertilize his orchids.

I’m beginning to get the impression that plant lovers will try just about anything…

Why don’t you run a little experiment and tell us how it goes? Buy a big bunch and split them into two vases, one with aspirin and one without. Neato trick, if it works!

A florist once told me that sugar & aspirin don’t do anything.

She recommended pouring a splash of bleach into the water, not as food, but to kill the bacteria.

Some flowers are not going to last that long after being cut, no matter what you do.