aspirin V.S. heart attacks.

I’ve noticed that commercials for aspirin make claims that it helps reduce the risk of having a second heart attack.
Does this mean that it is useless for preventing a first heart attack? Or does it mean that the research isn’t in yet on that?

I think it maens you won’t know enough to use asprin during your 1st heart attack because you will have no idea WTF is happening

Only when you have been diagnosed as having a high risk of a heart attack (say, after you have had one, or if you have a genetic pre-determination), is aspirin significant in preventing attacks in the future, over and above any other affects aspirin may have on your body (excessive bleeding, for one).

BBC health article.

It’s a proven blood thinner, but, don’t over do it. Take an 81 Mg. Bayer or eqivilant daily. Ain’t gonna harm ya…could help ya in the future.

It may be a “proven blood thinner”, ltfire, but there are enough variables for it to be best used only after consultation with a medical practitioner, not just after advice from a message board post.

I’m talking about taking aspirin as a preventive measure, not during the attack itself. Though I’ve heard you should take one if you’re having an attack.

My SO had a stroke last weekend. He was on Aspirin therapy for over a year.

I beg anyone that has any symptoms, no matter how “minor” they might seem, to seek medical help. Better safe than sorry. My SO fought me about going to the ER, but I’m more stubborn than he.

I got him to the ER, and they determined that at that point he had a “minor stroke”, a TIA; as opposed to a CVA. I thank God that I persisted in taking him to the ER when I did, instead of just letting him pass off his “minor symptoms” as nonsense.

Our motto is now “When in doubt, check it out!”

Aspirin is useful as a prophylactic treatment to reduce the risk of heart attacks before they happen for the first time. It is most beneficial in certain individuals with certain risk profiles. To find out if one fits one of these risk categories, one could consult their personal physician.


Also, if yoiu are having a heart attack, chew and swallow your aspirin - don’t just swallow it.

kspharm is correct for the purpose he mentions. However, if you are taking them everyday, be sure it is coated. Otherwise, you could end up with stomach problems. Ask your doctor.

if you take aspirin in small doses regularly and it stops you having a heart attack you wont be able to take them to stop your second
its a horse and stable door situation
nothing is guaranteed
and heart disease is hereditary and no amount of aspirin will cover booze, cigs, and cholestorol in excess.
be careful with your body.

Talk to your doctor and follow his/her advice. I have been taking 1/4 aspirin (I quarter them myself–you have no idea how much cheaper it is than the baby aspirin) for several years and have had no stomach problems. But my wife has digestive problems and can’t.


your second will come after your first
if you dont have one there will be no second
my way of saying prevention is better than aspirins after the fact
armed with the knowledge of all these second heart attack avoidance measures
why not get in early???

Are you a doctor, mrcrow?

As this is GQ, it is probably best to ignore mrcrow’s input.