'Assault On Precinct 13' (original) question

In the original Assault On Precinct 13, a little girl wants an ice cream – little knowing that the vendor has been killed and the murderer is the one from whome she gets her ice cream. (‘I wanted a Vanilla Twist!’ :smiley: ) The girl was played by Kim Richards, who also played ‘Prudence’ on Nanny And The Professor. IIRC, there was some dialog alluding to that fact. Okay, here’s the question:

I could have sworn that ‘Kathy’'s father was played by Richard Long (‘The Professor’); but Assault On Precinct 13 was made in 1976, and Richard Long died in 1974. So who played the father?

You were right (but maybe confused about the air dates of Nanny…?). It was Richard Long.
Nanny and the Professor aired from 1970-1971, Long died in '74, and Assualt… was realeased in '76.

I didn’t say anything about the air dates of Nanny. :wink:

I don’t see any mention of Assault on Long’s IMDB page. Is it not there? Or do I need a trip to Lourdes?

OMG, I totally read your question wrong! :smack: Sorry. I thought you were asking if R. Long played K. Richards’ father in Nanny…, not if he played her character’s father in Assault….

The actor in question is Martin West. He is credited as “Lawson” for the original Precinct 13 movie.

I’m not familiar with Mr. West. Did he resemble Richard Long?

I don’t think he looks like Richard Long, but it’s hard to find a decent pic online.

Here he is as Dr. Phil Brewer on General Hospital, the pic in the middle of the page titled 1975.