Assembly instructions with no words for US product (not even English)

Funny you mention this, as one of the grounds on which these wordless Lego instructions have been criticized is that they can’t be followed by blind children (who also love to play with Lego). The research institute where I work was recently commissioned by Lego to produce a system that automatically translates these visual instructions into spoken or Braille text. You can see a video explaining this on Lego’s new Audio Instructions website. The system works because Lego’s visual instructions are authored using a special markup language that automatically produces the visual rendering of the parts and assembly steps; starting with this expressive computer language it was feasible to adapt the rendering to text or audio output.

wow thats some dedication to the fan base …

Hell pc and console games dont even come with instructions at all anymore even ones that you print out… now the first 2=4 hours of a game is the tutorial … and when something new is added they just make the next level/mission a “heres how you use it level”

Nope, it was perfect, the more I think about it. The QR code brought up a video that covered fairly complicated assembly.

And what would you have done if you hadn’t had a device capable of scanning QR codes? Or if you had one but weren’t in an area with a reliable Internet connection?

I’d have been fucked, but the product I was assembling would not likely have been purchased by someone in that situation.

I was impressed.

That’s an amazing amalgam of the meticulous and the inscrutable. Did the installation really require self-trepanation with a stumpy pencil? (p 3; #1, #3) (p 3 = numbered p 2)

Same page, # 4. This thing plays reel to reel audio tapes?

I’d rather get a manual with good pictures and no text, than with 37 folded up pages of bad text in different languages, with English being on page 24.

But I’d really rather just get good text instructions in English, and I’ll tolerate thumbing through duplicate instructions in 2-3 other languages to find it.

Instructions? Pictures? Pure luxury! My dad and I just assembled a cell phone signal repeater that came with absolutely no instructions of any kind.

I did it just to be safe. And because I was so fucking annoyed with those instructions!

Grohe makes quality products but shit-ass instructions. Maybe Germans learn this sort of reading skills in grade school?

I refurbish old machine tools and sometimes have to start with a nothing but nuts and bolts, chains and sprockets, motors and bearings, springs and rollers, and a pile of uniquely shaped metal parts. When I’m lucky there’s an exploded parts diagram somewhere.

Ended up paying a guy $100 to finish the assembly . Best $100 I ever spent. At 1 point he thought a bolt was missing but it was just a vague description of a part.

My gf just spent ~$325 for a GoPro camera with a helmet mount for horseback riding. She frustrates easily, so I ended up doing all the set-up. These were the only instructions: