Asshat Stank-ho driver kills VT state trooper

Some 23 year old asshole motherfucker (yes, he is old enough to know better) decided to run from a traffic stop.

Sgt. Michael Johnson set a spike strip, and the smeg sucking piece of monkey vomit decided to evade the strip by driving through the median…

right through the space occupied by Sgt. Johnson…

Killing him… leaving his 3 children without a father on father’s day.

After hitting Sgt. Johnson the perp. pulled over, got out and fled on foot. There is still a manhunt out for him.

:confused: How the hell could someone be so stupid as to try to run from the police in this day and age. So far as I could tell there was not a warrant out the guy. All the cars have camaras, so they know your car, your licence plate AND you’re a local, so they can track down all your friends VERY easily. They would have found you even if you’d gotten away and added evading arrest to whatever fucked up scheme you were involved in. I don’t get it, I just don’t fucking get it.

As a Vermonter, I can tell you there are plenty Asshat’s in this state that would do such ludicrous things like this. IIRC, I think they caught him. I thought I heard it on the radio this morning.

For a while there, it looked like we had a high-speed chase every damn week here in LA. And they were always caught. ALWAYS!!!

Now the cops are told not to chase the pukes. So they win.

Personally, I think running from a police car in another car or motorcycle should, by itself, get you 5 years in prison.

You’re too kind, spooje. I’d go for one count of attempted murder for every car passed. Fleeing is a premeditated act.