Assisination attempt probability on Clinton vs. Obama

Seriously, could a woman weaken the US’ current position any more that it is now?

Would that have anything to do with the fact that most of the Presidents since 1968 were white male, Old Guard, right-wing Presidents?

Indeed it would - thus my insinuation that the apparent fears of certain posters here that assassination attempts may be presumed to come from anti-leftists attempting to preserve Old Guard, right-wing, white-male ways are ill-founded.

A similar thread:

I think Obama might very well be targeted by Muslim fundamentalists. His father was a Muslim, but Barak practices Christianity. There’s probably a not-insignificant number of people who consider Obama to be a traitor against Islam.

Then again, given how Hillary seems to be dying in the polls, I half-expect Obama to get shot by some radical feminist.

His father was an atheist, and no, not becoming a Muslim if you never were one does not make exteremists think you’re a traitor.