Assistant Director of Corrections and Alabama Inmate disappear on way to Court [update: They have been captured] {2022-05-02}

That makes sense. Murder for Hire probably is a separate charge from the murder.

The Sheriff 's concern for the safety of other law enforcement and the public is spot on.

Casey sounds extremely dangerous.

The timeline is embarrassing for the Sheriff.
They have a six hour head start. Someone could drive 350 miles just during that time.

I’d have food and three 5 gal cans of gas in the trunk. Avoid any stops at stores for as long as possible.

I googled the location of this county. If I didn’t screw this up, it looks like they’re about as far from the coast as they could get and still be in Alabama. It would take some doing to get to a boat without being caught.

The charter boat is straight out of the movies.

It roughly 370 miles from Florence to Mobile.
Vicki may have considered it.

True, but it’s less than 6 hours to Mobile. If their plan was to get to the Gulf and take a boat, that could work.

How good is the security of the US coastline for outbound traffic? If someone has a motorboat with decent storage, could they putter away from Mobile or a similar coastal city without being noticed? Are there Caribbean islands they could show up in and blend in with other American expats?

“Well, nobody’s perfect!”

Since the escaped convict is six feet nine inches tall, he might suffer from the same challenge in living undetected that Osama Bin Laden did.

Sure–but I suspect that special forces won’t be sent after him. If he leaves US jurisdiction, and especially if he can end up somewhere without strong extradition treaties with the US, it may be more trouble than it’s worth to get him back.

I don’t disagree with that, but I suppose much will hinge on whether he and Vicki White live happily ever after or if only he lives … at all.

When one of their own is killed (which is certainly not impossible in this case – particularly if he convinced her to turn the sale of her house and any other assets into actual cash), they tend to have long memories.

That makes sense. I’m still genuinely unsure what level of resources would be dedicated to tracking down a murderer, even a murderer of a corrections officer, once he’s left the country.

That said, setting aside the morality of murdering your accomplice (spoiler: it’s wrong), she’s going to have an easier time blending in, and even though they as a pair are more distinct than either of them individually, if she’s able to handle most of the social interactions, it might make it easier for him to lay low. Unless he’s extra stupid, sheer self-interest ought to be enough for him to refrain from another murder.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Why are the U.S. Marshalls involved? They only deal with criminals who committed federal crimes, don’t they?

It sounds to me like she was going through something of a mid-life crisis, and he caught her just at the right time. I didn’t read any of the links here, but on the Shep Smith show yesterday evening, the sheriff did confirm that there were some clues of a romantic relationship between them.

No, they’re also responsible for fugitive recovery. Remember the movie The Fugitive?

I actually don’t think they have that limitation:

I think like the FBI, they can be called in by a state or local department. Also given the location of Lauderdale County, they may be there in case the couple fled into Tennessee.

Vicki did tell her colleagues she wanted to retire and hang out at the beach.

She didn’t say who would be with her. :shushing_face:

From CBS News:

If it walks like a duck…

Vicki White is 56. I guess its possible with IVF.

I had to laugh at the pathetic attempt with a spray can. Done right, a rattle can finish can transform an old junker. I’ve seen several on youtube.

They didn’t drive far. Vicky should have staged several cars for the trip.

I hope they remembered to check the trunk.