Assistant Director of Corrections and Alabama Inmate disappear on way to Court [update: They have been captured] {2022-05-02}

What an interesting story. Assistant Director of Corrections Vicki White worked for Lauderdale County for 17 years. The Sheriff is quite complimentary in the first article.

The next day the Sheriff announces a warrant has been issued for Vicki White. The articles explain how she used her trusted supervisor position to leave with inmate Casey Cole White. She was supposed to transfer custody to deputies at the court.

Vicki White obviously has planned this escape. She has money from the house sale. Probably had a 2nd car ready for the trip. She may have rented property out of state? All this for a 6’ 9" inmate facing a capital murder charge. He shouldn’t be hard to identify. :wink:

Article 1 Manhunt continues for missing Lauderdale County inmate and officer

Next day: Warrant issued for Vicky White, Alabama corrections official who left jail with inmate Casey Cole White

On the plus side, he should stand out if he’s in public, and I doubt he’d fit easily in a car trunk.

Not related? I know, “White” isn’t exactly a rare name.

Actually, there was no appointment at the courthouse. She made up that story to explain why she removed him from the jail.

Elmore Leonard could write a helluva novel beginning with this news story. If he were alive.

Not related at all.

My thought is…IF she was a wiling accomplice did Mr. White decide to kill her as excess baggage once her usefulness was over and he’s now on the lam on his own?

Or are they really working as an actual pair? (Ms. White would stand out much less in public than the very, very tall Mr. White, so she could be the public face as they go wherever they’re trying to go, minimizing chances Mr. White would be recognized.)

It’s definitely unusual.

I wonder how lonely and empty her life had to be? Throwing away everything she accomplished in life for a slick talking inmate.

It’s just a matter of time before tbey’re caught. Hopefully she’ll be found alive.

A charter boat to Mexico or South America might be an option. Stay in International waters. That would require a experienced captain.

I’m (perhaps overly) sensitive to the concept that he may be blamed for coercing her should there be a sexual component to this. In a traditional setting the corrections officer, being in a position of authority over the inmate, would be held accountable for abuse due to the imbalance of power.

It remains to be seen if such a concept holds true in this case when the corrections officer in the position of power is female.

Reminds me very much of the Mel Gibson/Diane Keaton movie Mrs. Soffel.

The required article for any viral news story.

I don’t see any photos of Vicki except in uniform. She may have deleted her social media? Authorities will find personal photos.

Casey White looks much different without hair.

Or she doesn’t have social media. Not everyone does.

I was thinking of The Last Stand.

I was thinking more of Out of Sight but with the roles reversed.

It reminds me of the Dannemora prison escape from a few years ago, where a prison employee helped the escapees:

I wouldn’t want to be in a car with Casey White.

How do you get charged with two counts of capital murder for killing one woman?

I checked several sources and they make the same statement regarding charges for killing Connie Ridgeway.
Story: Casey White and Vicky White: Warrant issued for Alabama corrections officer - CNN

Elmore Leonard.

They’re looking for the real killer; it’s his only chance.

What does Florida have to do with it?

This all happened in Alabama, correct? Where does Florida fit in (I know, below and to the right).

Yah, I know.

Brain Fart. Lauderdale County threw me. I associated it with Fort Lauderdale.

I caught it too late after the edit time out.

I’ll ask a mod to fix.

IANAL but I did watch Law and Order last night. :slight_smile:

I think it could be one for the actual murder, and one for the murder-for-hire aspect.