Abducted 11-year old turns up 18 years later

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According the her FBI page, “Jaycee Lee Dugard was last seen as she walked to her bus stop in South Lake Tahoe, California, on June 10, 1991. It has been claimed that she was abducted by two individuals, a male and a female) who were driving a car. However, extensive law enforcement investigations since the time of her disappearance have neither identified any abductors nor revealed the location of the victim.”

Now, she seems to have reappeared.

There aren’t enough details to know what to say yet, other than, wow! It’ll be interesting to see how closely the age-progressed photo on the 2nd page is to the real woman.

Nancy Grace must be having multiple orgasms.

Wow. Just wow.

That’s crazy! I wonder why it took her so long to come forward or escape or whatever? I mean she is a grown woman now, and she was 11 when she was taken so it’s not like when babies are abducted and raised in another family without knowing it. Did her abductors physically keep her locked up this whole time or something? Or was she so abused/brainwashed she didn’t dare say anything?

How scary for them–I hope she’s okay and not suffering too much from what happened to her.

I am very curious about what her story is. What has she been doing for the past ten years?

This reminds me of that tv movie “I know my first name is Steven” that terrified me as a child.

The sad thing is, this will raise (and ultimately dash) the hopes of so many parents whose child has been abducted. I can see tehm holding on through the years, hoping Johnny or Janey will come back.

An Gadaí - I immediately thought the same thing, about Steven Staynor.


More information here:


Sad how it broke up her parents (though common as I understand it).

Considering what happened to that woman in Germany who escaped from her father’s basement… I’m not sure I want to think about it.

It’s called Stockholm Syndrome.

Abduction stories rarely have a happy ending, especially after so many years, so I’m glad to hear she’s been found at last!

Good point.

I thought about Stockholm Syndrome, and the woman/family in Austria (not Germany) too.

That was a good movie and a hell of a real-life story: the kidnapping, the abuse, the reveal (him saving another little boy from the same fate), the sad death just when his life was normalizing, the brother who becomes a serial killer. Damn. Trivia about the movie: Arliss Howard played Kenneth Parnell, but apparently he didn’t want that to be on his resume, and is uncredited. Nowhere on the movie’s page is he mentioned, and it’s not listed on Howard’s page.

Eesh. I think we can rule out that she was treated well.

Garrido was already on the sexual offenders registry.

Equipoise - That’s interesting about Arliss. I wonder why he doesn’t want to be credited? He did a great job in the movie, although the charcter was scum.


:smack: Right, thanks.

I remember a lot of people asking why Elizabeth Smart hadn’t escaped earlier and why she responded to, “I’m not who you think I am” to police (or someone?) after that whole thing broke. I think people really underestimate Stockholm Syndrome and the shock that you go into when kidnapped and treated brutally.

I think that in addition to SS being fairly prevalent, there is also the intelligence of the kidnappers. The victims that do not fall to SS or pretend that they did are mostly probably killed or kept under more strict scrutiny, so the ones that are found are mostly ones that did have SS.


Where’s the bleach???

from the police press conference, it sounds very much like the austrian situation. she was very carefully tucked away from sight and kept in seclusion.