Assistant Director of Corrections and Alabama Inmate disappear on way to Court [update: They have been captured] {2022-05-02}

BINGO. My son says the worst part of his job is knowing a percentage of his coworkers are corrupt fucks.

Easier said than done, once you realize a certain number of your employees are making extra money on the side.

Indeed, prison staff are the chief source of such phones and many other items. Staff either get suborned, or blackmailed into it. Inmates are known for getting a hook into staff by getting them to do a minor favor for them (or vice versa) that’s against the rules, then use the leverage to get them to do more.

Of course, some staff are just corrupt, too.

I’ve known a couple of nurses in our prison system that fell for patients (convicted felons all). It boggles my mind, honestly.

Vickys money dried up quickly. They had paid 14 days at a nasty $50 night motel. What a honeymoon. Alabama Inmate Casey White Reveals What He and Vicky White Did During 11 Days on the Run

How do prisoners get cell phones?

Corrections officers, medical staff, social workers, teachers, clergy.

Newspapers and TV often do stories on prisoners with notoriety. So you add reporters, camerapeople, producers, assistants.

The NY case had a sawblade smuggled inside a frozen hamburger chub, I think it was 25 pounds.

Everybody, everybody has a price.

One convincing “price”: my buddies on the outside can find your family.



So I guess the plan wasn’t so well thought out after all.

Vicky White was a corrections official, and her plan to spring the guy from jail went off without a hitch. Where she had no experience at all was in running away from the law/chasing escaped prisoners, and she seems to have had little-to-no plans at all as to this aspect. (They are reported to have spent their time at the hotel plotting their next move.)

My first thought exactly! :smiley:

Well this just proves it! This was a false flag operation by the librul commies to undermine the the respect for corrections officers. They were both crisis actors. it all make sense.


She’s doing this at a time where she could be wearing a face mask and still doesn’t bother?

ETA: (OK. actually reading the story, this was taken the morning before the escape, but still!)

I don’t know how many people in Alabama are masking nowadays. A mask might have made her more conspicuous?

I was wondering that as I wrote it. But I was in deep red Texas a couple of months ago and probably 10% of people in Walmart had masks on without anyone commenting.

You are wrong. If the younger female prisoner had the same record as Casey White and had made the same threats against his ex as CW had, I’d absolutely be questioning it, and I wouldn’t be alone. It’s not that Casey White was a man; nobody’s suggesting that he intimidated Vicky White due to his size and gender. It’s his history.

The whole women-as-evil-temptresses stereotype has been around for thousands of years. It’s damaging to the vast majority of women who don’t fit the stereotype, but it’s out there and active. To suggest that nobody ever suspects women of being manipulative is…odd.

I don’t get the conspiracy that either “The prisoner killed her to keep secrets” or “The cops killed her when they arrested her and are now claiming suicide”.

She’s a soon-to-be-convincted CO going to spend a number of years in prison at the age of 59. It’s not going to be good for her at all, either she’s going to be in alone in protective custody the entire time or spend her entire prison term watching her back at every opportunity, and she can’t even rely on the Guards to help her out now. She probably saw suicide as the only way out of living the rest of her life in absolute terror.

A whole lot of people, in this thread and elsewhere, predicted that she would end up dead. And they turned out to be right. But not how anyone predicted.

This has a Twilight Zone vibe now.

This from Fox News. Oh the hilarity.

You’re saying some sort of theory, but it doesn’t match reality IRL.

There are any number of stories out there of male corrections people who form relationships with female inmates. In 100% of such cases, it’s presented and assumed to be men with power coercing or semi-coercing the women into these relationships. It is never presented or assumed to be female inmates “grooming” and manipulating the male corrections people.

I worked in both prisons and jails - and lax security screening for employees is not that uncommon. Sure, maybe* they put your bag through the machine - but that doesn’t mean they actually look at the images. I more than once accidentally brought a cell phone in and discovered it later. It wouldn’t be difficult at all for someone to get a phone in intentionally.

  • Or maybe they don’t - I worked at one facility where they didn’t have a machine and any bag searches were done by COs. And I assure you they didn’t search every bag that came in with staff.

Wrong. One famous case is that gal that drowned her kids in the car. Later roped at least one guard into a sexual relationship. Maybe two. I forget her name.

Susan Smith. Yeah, that one stuck with me. :frowning: