Assistant youth soccer coach caught in Channahon pedophile sting jumps off building

Manjanath, who volunteered with the Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow branch of AYSO, a national youth soccer program, was caught in an online sting, unaware the person he arranged to meet up with in the Midwest was actually an undercover investigator, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said in a news release.

How stupid to you have to be to not realize that the woman pimping her kids in a chatroom is really a cop?

Not sure what this is but not really an SDC kind of story … MPSIMS?

I guess western Will County isn’t “Chicago” enough.

I’d guess mentally disturbed, rather than stupid.

On a different note, this sentence of the main article struck me as odd, even though I recognize there would have to be a procedure for such: “Because of his death, the charges are expected to be dismissed, said spokeswoman Maura Prossley of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.”

I would assume any such situation was a sting, because I wasn’t seeing the woman face to face. And even then I’d be suspicious, unless the child was actually present during “negotiations”

But a little over thirty years ago, when I was in college, I had a co-worker at a job who also worked for Child Protective Services. She was fuming one day about two parents. They’d had their four kids, ages 5 to 14, taken away. She said they’d sold them. I was puzzled by her choice of words, but then she went on to explain " for an hour or half hour at a time.":mad:

I dunno. It’s easy to say he should have known it was a set-up, but women like this do exist. If there is one, there’s likely another. For all we know, the guy could have successfully scored in the past. The world is shitty like that.

Nice of him to save the taxpayers some money. And rid humanity of a real piece of shit.

Channahon isn’t in the news very often, so I noticed this story when it came out. (last week?) I thought it odd that a guy would travel that far for such an alleged thing.

How far would YOU travel to get laid?

Oh they exist. I have worked with their children. Met one father once. They exist.

…thus was born “The Legend of Creepy-Hollow”… :eek:

Sure, the ones who do it in person exist. In chatrooms? Much more likely it’s someone in law enforcement.

Maybe the guy was just hoping to get a little head(less).

Well, he was certainly Tappan Zee wrong age partners…