Assisted Communication Devise help wanted.

We have used the gotalk buttons for a while. Jaelyn has been pressing it for getting food, needing to go potty etc. The therapists decided she may be ready to go to the next level.

So now we are trying this Tech/Talk. The therapists say she understands cause/effect but they don’t think she understands the pictures that well. As in even with the GoTalk button for “I’m Hungry May I Eat Please” recording when we hand her a few PECS cards with food on them she doesn’t pick one out. She just drags to what she wants.

What I am asking for is if anyone can think of a way to use the new system that depends on pictures for the cause/effect. Right now she will just randomly hit pictures on the board with no effect since we cannot do 8 things at once. Since we are doing this with a very understanding therapist who is also learning the best methods herself, if you have any experience it will help even more than our daughter. The reason I’m not saying everything we have tried is because I don’t want to poison the well, because if something we are trying has worked for you I still want to hear it. Because we may have done it wrong. As an example we use it ourselves around her, but hasn’t worked yet.

I have no idea, but I feel that this deserves a bump.