Association Football........The Beautiful Game

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OK Here it is…can anybody tell me why The USA is one of the very few countries that have not taken the game to heart.
Given the American will and desire to win, the facilities afforded and available to your other sportsmen and women and the financial rewards I just can’t understand why it is you guys do not share the same passion for the game as do most other countries.
I honestly believe that if America really took to the game, then in a decade or so you would be the next Brazil…a team of world beaters.
There are any number of Americans playing in the English leagues and some of them are very good, Brad Friedel for one.

So why don’t you play the beautiful game with the same passion as you play baseball and hockey and American football.

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The threads above are pretty good answers.
The main problem with soccer is that after an hour and a half of watching, the score is often still zero-zero (nil-nil for you Brits). In other words, NOTHING happened for 90 minutes straight.

Kids play it because it’s easier for their parents (no equipment to buy, no worry of injuries)

“Soccer is the sport of the future…and always will be”

Wrong on two counts:

  1. 0-0 games don’t actually happen that “often”. They’re not rare, but they’re certainly the exception.

  2. “No score” doesn’t mean “nothing happened”. Many Americans do not understand this distinction, but those of us who follow the game certainly do.

Part of what makes baseball, hockey and football so appealing in North America is the fact that they are our own. Having to share a main game with the rest of the world isn’t nearly as fun having something more unique and special to only a few countries. A Canada obsessed with hockey seems so much more interesting than a Canada obsessed with soccer like every other country in the world. Why should our friendly neighbors to the north give up a game that is special to them and that they dominate in world competition, in favor of a game where you have to wear loose shorts? Personally, the fact that almost everyone in world (except the Caribbean and Japan) could care less about baseball only makes it more appealing to me. And inversely the worlds love of soccer makes me even less interested in the game.

Not true at all… Nothing happened for 45 minutes, and then for a couple more, and then the players went into the tunnel, and came back out after 15 minutes, and then nothing happened for 45 and a bit more minutes…

Actually, Ruadh is correct- nobody scored doesn’t mean nothing happened, any more than the Buccaneers intercepting passes in their own end zone on three successive drives (and thus keeping the other team from scoring) means nothing happened.

This is, I would guess, the fiftieth time this question has been asked in GQ. At least.

The answer is the same as it’s always been;

  1. Soccer is very popular in the USA. Has been for decades. As a PARTICIPATION sport, it is more popular than football or hockey and basically on par with baseball and hoops. Your false assumption that it is unpopular is based on the fact that it is less popular as a PROFESSIONAL SPECTATOR sport, which is true but not the whole story.

  2. The reason soccer is less important as a pro spectator sport in the USA is precisely the same reason the hockey is more popular in Sweden than it is in Japan, or that baseball is more popular in JApan than in India, or that cricket is more popular in India than in Canada; because the sports that were popularized first take up the popular imagination. In the USA, major league baseball as it exists today started in the 1870s; the NFL dates to 1920 and was a popular college sport in the 19th century. These sports were long established as major industries and marketing giants long before soccer showed up on this continent.

A counterquestion would be why baseball isn’t popular in Europe. It’s popular in the USA, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, Australia, and throughout Latin America, so why not Europe? Because the sporting scene there was full.

  1. Soccer being unpopular has nothing to do with the score. Nothing. Hockey is a low-scoring game but Canadians love it anyway and Americans are fond of it too. Basketball has much higher scores than football but basketball isn’t more popular. There’s a pro lacrosse league where the scores are regularly like 12-9, and hardly anyone cares they exist.

As to what constitutes “something happening” I would point out that there is almost no action at all in a professional football game; a match takes over 3 hours to play but includes very little actual playing, usually less than 9-10 minutes of action.