"Association to Unite the Democracies"... Huh?


There’s a ballot initiative in Massachusetts this year “for a Constitutional Amendment allowing the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to exercise their right of self-government through a federal union of democratic unions.” This is sponsored by an organization called the “Association to Unite the Democracies”. Their website is http://www.iaud.org


Anybody have the Straight Dope on this Association? Sounds like they want some kind of uber-UN deal, am I right? It’s one thing to want some dopey non-binding referendum, but these folks want to change the state Constitution… I did a bit of research, but didn’t find anything blatantly linking these folks to any of the name-brand cults or other whackjob groups.


Dunno. Their site bites … full of HTML errors, and less full of helpful info.

But a search on their name yielded this:


which includes "An invitation to YOU, from Dr. Edward Teller " --Teller, father of the H-bomb and a pretty major hawk.

He sez:

Basically, one-world govt, under NATO. Pretty weird.