Assuming 100% Dilution, How Much Radioactive material Can Appear on California Beaches?

Assuming that the radioactive materials released from the Japanese nuclear power plants (at Fukushima) all wash into the Pacific Ocean (and they mix with all of the ocean water), what concentrations of this stuff will be present at the California coast?
I know that much of the heavy stuff will sink to the bottom, some (like Strontium) will get into the food chain.
This stuff should be arriving in March-how likely is it to be present , in dangerous concentrations?


You neglect homeopathic radioactivity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Snopes link on this topic.

I’d be fascinated to hear how ralph would define his term “100% dilution”.

That was my question too after reading the title. However, he seems to imply all of the material dissolved in all of the oceans and fully mixed. (I am going to ignore the comment about stuff settling out. If it is dissolved it ain’t gonna settle.)

However, you would be waiting a long time for the mixing to occur. Thermohaline circulation of the world’s oceans is estimated to take 1600 years for a round trip.
Not the same length of time as cooking aHeisenroast, but not far off it for practical purposes.

Not to mention that if it’s “100% diluted”, then talking about it “arriving in March” is completely nonsensical.