Assuming Trump goes, what happens to his movement?

Another thought I had is that after leaving office, Trump might fully embrace Q-anon. The only thing that is keeping him in check is that he needs to look presidential and as president it is difficult to acknowledge that there are child slavery farms without answering questions as to why he hasn’t used his presidential powers to close them down.

However if he is ousted by a Democratic coup led by the deep state and financed by Sorros and the Clinton foundation’s child trafficking profits. Then he can freely act as the ultimate Q wowing his followers with the unbelievable truths he uncovered while in office.

As far as Trump himself goes, I surely hope that he and his ilk are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law asap. Further, he is not a well man. I don’t expect him to live out the year 2021, let along be alive to run again in 2024. As for Trumpism, I doubt anyone else has the showmanship to pull it off.

IMO nonsense.

Any agressive character willing to spout white supremacy will have a huge following. If Joe Arpaio was younger he’d totally be the next incarnation of the Fuehrer of the white supremacist jingoistic working class.

There’s gotta be somebody out there who’s a former big city police chief or retired 2-star General / Admiral who’d be a natural to lead the Far Right to Victory or to Death. Or some current apparently mainstream Republican who’s a hard-core rightist waiting to sound the clarion call. Might be a politician now, might be a media talking head, might even be an “operative”.

There’s gotta be 20 of these guys jockeying for position right now to assume the mantle. Whoever gets the good sponsorship from Putin, Koch, etc. will be the one to watch.

I am deeply ambivalent about this. I WANT it to happen, but if it does happen, it’s going to mean an ongoing continuation of The Donald Trump Show. It’s going to mean all his supporters will continue to be energized with Trumpism as they follow, and decry, this prosecution. Is that really what would be best for the country? I think it would be preferable to just let him live out whatever remains of his life, if the alternative is having to see the words DONALD TRUMP in the headlines every fucking day for the next God-knows how many years.

Unless he defects to a friendly country (and maybe even then) I can’t see how this is not going to happen anyway. He can start his TV network (or take over OAN) or declare he is running in 2024 so he can keep that campaign cash rolling in. He is not going to stop trying to be the center of attention and his fans aren’t going to stop supporting him.

I think even T’s fans are eventually going to wake up to the fact that he is no longer relevant. And, before too long, he will “go” in the sense of leaving this world, or losing all mental capacity to interact with it.

Yeah quite to opposite, if Trump does leave office via the usual democratic route (and its definitely a if not a when), it won’t be because of a lack of desire on his part to subvert democracy and stay on by authoritarian means (he’s made that quite clear). Its because he’s a completely incompetent and a very bad leader.

Finding someone who can harangue and stir up fear and hatred is the easy part, they might also find someone who is actually good at being an autocratic leader. The last four years have shown there is basically nothing stopping someone like that ignoring the checks and balances and overturning democracy.

Miller and Bannon are more necessary for the continuity of this “movement” and they won’t be going anywhere, they’ll just look for whoever else will listen to their advice on how to get to the top. And they’ll still have Republican/conservative colaborationists who will go along and provide cover of legitimacy just as long as they get their sweet, sweet tax cuts and judicial appointments.

As long as Trump keeps eating enough fibre he’ll still have his “movement” (verbal diarrhea aside) :poop:

Just bear in mind that Trump is old and has a lot of bad habits. There’s a significant chance he’ll be dead by 2024. Cue the “Trump was murdered [martyred]” conspiracies.

Now watch him live to be 97…