Asteroid 2000 EM26 passing by earth to say 'Hi' (live video)

Live video (open in Chrome. Starts at 9PM EST):

Who knows, maybe we’ll see some fireworks

18 minutes to go, according to the countdown timer on the vid.

Its starting right now

“No need to worry…” Ha!

More info here: Asteroid 2000 EM26 to hurtle past Earth tonight - and you can watch it live | Daily Mail Online

Nine times moon distance, and fainter than Pluto. Not a near miss exactly. It’s fun listening to astro-nerds live.

Fuck that was boring.

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Yeah, kinda disappointing. It was discovered in 2000, and spotted every so often for number of years and then we lost it. “Live NEO crossing” implies we actually get to see the darn thing.

Still interesting though, if you’re into this sort of thing. It’s not like I canceled my other plans, of which there were none.

It was funny to hear the host describing the “colorful video of the asteroid airburst”, and the guest says, “…um, yeah, that’s a simulation…”

Ahahha…that was the funniest part of the whole video :smiley:

“What you’re seeing here is my driveway.”

What’s that in London buses?

Excuse me?!? :dubious:

I don’t know, but it’s about 774 nanoWales.

I think you divided the wrong way there - it’s got to be at least a decawhale, maybe even a hectowhale.

Wales are a measure of area, whales are a measure of volume.

Naturally. Whales have depth, after all.

The quote in the OP, for reasons that I can only guess to be daft as a brush, elected to express the size of the asteroid in terms of area. I merely converted that information to units that should be more familiar to British television and radio audiences.

A London bus can be close to 50 feet. A football field at least 100 yards. So, it’s about 18 London Buses (lbs).

I enjoyed that part. Then my link crashed and I couldn’t get back in.

What happened after that? Did the asteroid hit the Earth? :wink: