Astonishing X-Men #12 (spoilers)

Just got this from the comic book store and read it - and was honestly quite disappointed with the resolution. Does anyone else think that having the giant evil Sentinel feel guilty and run off was a bit of a cop-out, plotwise?

Besides that - I always love Kitty Pryde, and really liked how Beast acted.

Anyone else have thoughts?

Yeah, I agree. It seemed anticlimactic. Xavier’s revealation was less than it was meant to be as well.

Loved the stuff with Beast.

Your spoiler tag is showing when the mouse hovers over the title. :wink:

Oops - sorry, I forgot about the preview when I posted. Hopefully folks who haven’t read will be warned off by the “spoilers” in the thread title.

Overall, my problem with Astonishing is the same as my problem with a lot of Whedon’s stuff - he pays so much attention to setting up the characters and their reactions that he forgets about making the plot coherent. It’s almost as if, with this issue, he decided “OK - I want to show that Emmas has some hidden motives, and have Beast and Kitty do some cool-ass stuff, and have X betray everyone’s confidence in him; oops, spent so much time plotting that out that I don’t have any time or space left to do a convincing conclusion to the story.”

What annoys me even more is that he spreads stories out into 6 issues that could reasonbly be compressed into 3 or 4, and still doesn’t end things well.

That’s not just Whedon, that’s virtually every storyline in comics these days. They pad stories a lot so they fit nicely into a trade paperback later on.

True enough - I guess I blame Whedon a bit more, because the last season of Buffy was pretty much the same - lots of nothing happening for most of the season.

To be fair, by that point Joss had left the show in Marti Noxon’s incapable hands and SHE has no concept of story or pacing at all.

And in his defense, the last season of Angel had TONS of pay off

“I don’t know about you, but I kindda want to slay the dragon.”

Sweet woman… totally incapable of running a show.

Another example- Point Pleasant.

This is a bit of a hijack, but I just got back from a screening of *Serenity *and it was AWESOME. No spoilers here, but go see it and bring all your friends. Twice.

It doesn’t matter if they’re *Firefly *virgins. We went with a guy who’d never seen the show and he loved it. We just lent him our DVDs. :slight_smile: