Astral Projection and REM (former title altered)

on the astral projection bit. Learn something about sleep before you go telling innocent people things. stage 1 and stage 2 sleep is (REM) sleep stage 3 and 4 are deep sleep stages in stage 4 one is not paralized and may get up and walk around they may appear to be dreaming but are not since dreaming only occurs in rem sleep sleep walking is just going through repetative tasks that one does really often such as going to the bathroom and such. Just get your facts straight thats all no hard feelings or any thing alright doug…

Yeah, what kind of thin-skinned whiner could take offense at being called a fool (especially bt a grammatically-challenged individual)?

I already apologized for getting the stage number mixed up, and I don’t mind being called a fool. The basic point is still the same; if the RAS fails, you will move around while you are asleep. I fail to see that it makes much difference whether you are dreaming or not at the moment. If it NEVER worked in stage 4 sleep, we would ALL sleepwalk, all the time, rather than it being an aberrant behavior.

Doug may not mind being called a fool, but I mind it.

I let the “Ken is a retard” title go because it had a certain black humour to it, although I personally didn’t find it very funny. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have left it alone. However, I do not want the floodgates opened in the future.

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Hey wait a minute! Normal sleep is divided into 5 stages; 1,2,3,4, and rem. Stages 1-4 are progressively deeper and are characterized by changes in brain wave activity.Sleepwalking is not an rem phenomenon but a stage 4 phenomenon.
Hypnogogic hallucinations are very terrifying for most people.
As for astral planing, the traditional view is that a person dreaming can consciously realize he is dreaming and then can alter the dream to his liking and imagination.


So, what mailbag item is this about? Or is there another thread somewhere?

And what’s lucid dreaming then?

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Link to the column:

Thanks Jill

I hadn’t noticed that this was pretty much an old thread. I thought I was stepping into something more recent and dangerous. Dex’s idea of pushing extreme subject lines out of mailbag sounds better and better, don’t it.

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The thread has a very offensive title.

I would suspect the original poster is trolling.
Of course, since the message was virtually illegible, he could just be an idiot with a strange way of saying “Hi, I think your article requires a correction.”

I read the link. That was :cool:

I once saw on TV someone try to verify near-death-experiences in a simple way: He put an electronic message display on top of a refrigerator in a hospital emergency room, where people have been known to “die” and been revived. (I say “die” because it seems to me that if you come back, you weren’t really dead.) Anyway, he hoped that if anyone had an OBE during an NDE, that person would read that message and report it after being revived. So far, no one has done so.


On being called a fool…
There is a moment in a man’s life when he realizes just how dumb he really is. That moment is not tragic. It is the beginning of wisdom.
Respectfully, AskNott

Please note that this thread’s title was left unedited as an indication of what is NOT acceptable in this forum… and since Doug thought it was funny.

Actually, he said he “didn’t mind” not that he found it funny.

He was more likely expressing tolerance then approval. The thread has hung around for a while, perhaps it should be removed/title changed?

Completely changes the meaning of the sentence.

Sometimes I wish a programmer had designed the English language.

Regarding the idea of having the person read a sign…

While one of the refuges of the defenders of ESP is that its elusive nature makes testing for it difficult, in this case we have people we can interview.

Why doesn’t someone have them give a detailed overhead view of the operating theater, which could then be compared against what really existed?

Along those lines, when jab1 said that “no one had yet done so,” does that mean that no one had yet to suffer an NDE in the room with the sign, or no one had yet to give an accurate report of it’s contents? The two statements have dramatically different effects on current claims.

Me, I just feel sorry for the cats.

You’re right. I meant that no person who had undergone an OBE was able to report what the electronic sign said. I do wish I could remember where I saw the story. 20/20, maybe, and was YEARS ago.