Astronaut Sally Ride has Died

She’s left the planet again? Can’t keep a good woman down.

Yep, that’s the one. She has the great line at the end when she’s offered a ride: “No thanks, I’ll take the shuttle.”

I’m bummed. She was neat. I remember her first space trip, as well as her appearance on Sesame Street; she was an expert in the field of “counting down from 10 to 1”.

Her partner is listed as a survivor. Good.

Very sad to hear. What a tragic loss. I met her several times before her astronaut days-- we were in grad school together, although she was either just finished or just finishing up while I was just starting. Very nice person, and very intelligent (no surprise). And the pancreatic cancer thing is very sad. I had a close relative die of that several years ago. And, of course, Steve Jobs.

I was honored to meet Dr. Ride many years ago at Purdue University. As gunnergoz noted up-thread, she impressed me as being businesslike, pleasant in conversation, and the brightest person in the room.
Thanks, Dr. Ride, for the many doors you opened.

Damn. I remember her going into space. She said at the time that she dreamed of the day when a woman going into space was commonplace and not worthy of notice. And sure enough, it happened.