Asylum Seekers, YES or NO?

I live in England and over the last 2 years we’ve been hit by Asylum Seekers like ermm er a boxer with a boxing bag? Anyway I don’t get involved with politics normally and have never voted in my life (Im 26). We’ve had a high amount of A.S’s home’d in my city and the amount of problems we’ve had are ridiculous. Local young girls are being attacked and minimal cases of rape is the biggest problem (17+). I’ve seen A.S’s in our night clubs and seeing young gorgeous girls in short skirts and tight dresses they think they will automatically allow them to bed them and persist in harassing them. I’ve seen them get free food vouchers of our government and trade them for money, next thing you know they are on pay as you go mobile and buying T.V’s etc.

On the other hand I hear stories ont he local news of A.S’s being attacked and verbally harassed, which I disagree with.

Only the other day there was a march through my city for A.S’s and had to close roads, they were complaining about how they were being treat by locals.

I must stress I’m not saying these people are in the wrong, because if I came from their countries and seen what the UK government was offerring, I’d do exactly the same. What I am saying is I believe there must be an alternative option. :smack::mad:

I hate to tell you this, but this is male behaviour, not asylum seeker behaviour. English men do this as well, as do men in many other countries. Not all men, of course, but enough of them to put the lie to the idea that there is a particular problem with asylum seekers in this regard.


Maybe they should be allowed to work instead?

Maybe if people would stop spreading exaggerated and false and bigoted rumours about them, they wouldn’t be attacked and harassed?

Myths and realities about asylum seekers in the U.K.

Some valid points noted, however I dont know where you live but groups of men don’t go around sexually harassing young girls because they’re wearing short clothing? The A.S have come from areas of the world where there religous belief’s deprive their women from being on sexual display like here in the UK. Local men have grown up used to seeing girls dressed like this and may verbally harass sometimes but not sexually harass. The amount of attacks has risen dramatically since we’ve been hit by A.S’s.

My city is an old fashioned city with old fashioned values (however you will always get a small minority of trouble). For example if a fight breaks out its normally without weapons, if a girl hits a man, the man will not hit back but will detain her.

I honestly believe an internal war will happen in UK within the next 5 years, unless Asylum Seeker entry to the UK is tightened. I have tried thinking of it from all perspectives such as this is no mans world and all should be allowed to roam amongst all countires. However if this is the case, all countries will end up either in termoil or less financially stable.

Dublin presently, but I have lived in London and they most certainly do.

Here in Dublin, in fact, some of the worst harassment comes from groups of English men.

Certainly not all of them.

The distinction that you’re drawing is not at all clear to me, as a woman.

Again, cite?

I personaly think the tittle asylum seeker is incorrect, it should be economic migrant.
Maybe they should be allowed to work instead?

Why? as long as we have unemployment in the country there is no reason to accept economic migrants.

quote:Maybe if people would stop spreading exaggerated and false and bigoted rumours about them, they wouldn’t be attacked and harassed?

Exagerated claims are the start of real problems that will occur as the debate on these migrants escalates. Most people dont have any problem with Asylum Seekers who are genuinly victimised in their county of birth eg. torture and wrong imprisonment. But the truth is that the majority of those arriving are not in this catagory, people realise that they are being conned in allowing these people to stay. That is why anger is rising, for every one economic migrant allowed, a genuine refugee is finding it harder to get here to safety. The UK has a health and housing problem, not to mention shortfalls in other services, we cannot continue to soak up extra strain on these services.

The alternative option is improved integration. Look at the US, in spite of their past (and present) racial problems, immigrants are not kicked around just because they are immigrants.

You have fallen for the "they come to our country and a) commit crime, or b) live off welfare, or c) want to take over our society, or d) all the above argument. Your government may have failed in sorting out the criminals from the real Asylum Seekers, but that’s different. Real asylum seekers have fled form torture and death threats, and they have come to Europe with nothing but the clothes they wear. They have no belongings. Many of the refugees who are processed via the UN have lived for years in big tents near the Sahara desert.

But if your government fails to teach them the language and the rules of the society, fails to give them somewhere to start off, then yes, there will be problems with some of them. On a sidenote, Europe actually needs the immigrants. There is unemployment today, but only seven years from now, the need for more workers greatly exceed the current birth rate of European women. Labor will be needed especially within nursing and health care.

I believe the current shame of Europe is the way immigrants are handled, and unfortunately this fuels the extreme right wing facist parties.

Here in Dublin, in fact, some of the worst harassment comes from groups of English men.


Sorry, let me rephrase that.

In my own personal experience, some of the worst harassment comes from groups of English men.

And, what Alien said.

I do sympathize with what Night UK is saying… having lived in London myself. Its not politically correct to complain about Asylum Seekers… but that doesnt change the fact that they are “alien” presences in the communities that are “hosting” them.

The other side thou is that having lived abroad many times I have felt the not so comfortable position of being the "alien" presence. Locals will seem more "hostile" than they really are at first... and these AS might be reacting badly to the perceived ill will and the locals vice versa.

I dont think the AS are enough to warrant a civil war naturally... racial mixing is never an easy thing. Not even in the US which boasts the "melting pot" idea. Integration takes an awful long time. Now if there is a place that people can eventually just blend in its London... you have every race and race mixture possible there. Just dont fill it up with too many AS and they should be fine eventually.


Are you going to let us know what City you are living in and what the actual number of asylum seekers are there. I’d be suprised if you know and I’d also be suprised if the actual number is not much less than you think - personal opinion.


An economic migrant is entirely different to an asylum seeker. I am confused as to what you are saying here. That there is no such thing as an asylum seeker? Do you really believe that there are no people in the world who have to leave their countries because their lives are in danger ?

I feel like I’ve just read a Daily Mail editorial. I also don’t know where to start. . . .
Lets start with the term ‘economic migrant’ which most of these people must surely be.

What exactly is an ‘economic migrant’ in this context? Well, in my experience of them, it’ll be a young man who has left his home and family, entrusted himself to gangs of criminals, becomes homeless for several months while living rough and in dreadful camps, exposes himself to malnutrition and disease, etc., etc, all in order to, seemingly, live in a shite council flat that’s been turned down so often by the ‘locals’ the council would prefer to pull it down (if it wasn’t at the top a of a 1960’s block of council flats they already would have), and be abused and ignored by everyone around him.

And maybe he is watching teevee because some bright spark worked out its better to keep them off the streets as much as possible and save yourself a fortune on teaching them English when Eastenders can do it for you; what’s the price of a second-hand teevee - £40. In fact, you can teach a whole bloody family the basic language for £40 and a teevee license.

Which isn’t a bad idea because then they can do what they put up with all those homeless months on the road to do, work for next to nothing doing jobs no one else wants to do, and all the while build a future.
I really can’t be fucking bothered with this anymore

THe problem as I see it is this:

Because of our strict immigration rules the only way to get into the country is to lie and cheat - ie to claim bogus persecution and smuggle yourself in - there is no alternative legitimate route. Nor is there any limit on numbers.

What this means is that the vast majority of Asylum Seekers are ipso facto bogus. Whether they are welcome or necessary is another matter. However if a country is looking for motivated go-getters, someone who has spent weeks in the back of a lorry full of aubergines is a pretty good bet.

We need to have a serious overhaul of our immigration rules.

Is it Royston Vasey?

L_C, please be fucking bothered. That was fucking beautiful.

I’d swap the Chinese father brave enough to smuggle himself in for the sake of his kid’s health for a hundred Dail Mail pensioners any day.

I’ve not experienced Asylum Seekers in the UK, having been away for years now, but the behaviour of men unused to skimpily clad (or just western-clad) girls does have parallels here.

Expat (blue collar) subcontinental workers here in Dubai simply cannot get their head around the fact that western woman in bikinis are not necessarily prostitutes. Or even if they are, that these women would welcome the advances/videotaping/camera/leering of fully-clothed Pashtun workers pouring onto the public beaches straight from mosque on Fridays.

For Dubai, which is trying to establish itself as a major tourism hub, this is a major problem. Police will now make fully clothed men leave public beaches, if they catch them.

What is needed is education - social education - but these men have none. They need to learn:

(a) this is how Western women dress on beaches/in nightclubs
(b) what constitutes harassment/inappropriate behaviour
© that if they harass, they’ll face prosecution.

I read that the UK is beginning citizenship classes - perhaps they can use such occasions to address these cultural gaps.

And granted - a group of drunken (native) English men can be just as bad. But their behaviour is not endemic to their ethnicity/culture - nor is the mindset quite the same - as for these men who have literally grown up their entire lives without exposure to female humans. They’ve never seen women at school (if they even went to school), they’ve never seen flesh, they won’t have even seen their female cousins. Unless they have sisters, they don’t see young women at all.

Owl is right. You have to lie and cheat to even begin the process. I suppose the issue is not even that, as this point. It means people can seize the so-called moral high ground with "Well, they did lie so they can’t expect . . . " Lying is the only option. End of story.

Thank you Mr Meat.
London_Calling’s Tip of the Day: Ever feel the need to pump yourself up, psych yourself into getting up for that ‘thing’ you need or want to do ?

Then spend a few minutes reading the Daily fking caravan-loving, Costa-del-fking-mediocrity loving, blinkered-myopic-suburban-old-f**cking-fart-loving Mail.
I wish they’d all hurry up and die from lawn mowing exhaustion. Or fatal rose cutting-back exposure.

Is our OP coming back to educate us, I wonder . . . perhaps he’s busy trimming his lawn borders ?

He’s apparently too busy making plans for his own economic migration.

Jeremy Hardy calls them the patio Falangists. However if you really want to get your knickers in a knot try “moneybox” on R4. It makes the people on “you and yours” look like bien pensants.

If you really want to get yersen all riled up, read a Barry Beelzebub column. He’s like Richard Littlejohn without the Sun’s high journalistic standards.

Hey! My reputation is in dire need an upgrade, so I think I’ll jump right in on this PC gravy train moving through the picturesque moral high grounds.

Did you know London has been swarmed by Danish refugees, to the point where it’s now the third largest Danish city? Of course not all the Danes moving there are actual refugees, just economic immigrants, and the actual refugees are … well tax refugees. I certainly hope it’s not those pesky Danish refugees that are molesting your local maidens.

SentientMeat would you by any chance be willing to swap just one tax haunted Dane brave enough to dare the North Sea in his private luxury yacht for a hundred Dail Mail pensioners? Because I’ve seriously contemplated moving back to London, and I’d think my three room apartment here in Copenhagen easily could accommodate a hundred of them Daily Mailers – if they’re in a sufficiently emaciated state of course. In what condition and how fast can you move you Dail Mail pensioner stock?

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Yes I am planning on migrating, but only when I am financially able. I believe there are legitimate cases of A.S however the wrong outway the right.