Asylum Street Spankers

I was asked in another thread for more information on the Asylum Street Spankers, an all-acoustic ensemble from Austin, TX.

Go to their web site at, and click on “Song of the Week”. There you can hear them tear up the Bessie Smith classic “St. Louis Blues” and “It’s a Sin to Tell A Lie” in glorious Real Audio.

Check these folks out–they’ll kick your ass.

Dr. J

Dr.: works better without the comma at the end:

Cool site, BTW!

Doc, you were so nice to me in the other thread, the one with the funny name, that the least I can do is keep THIS one floatin’ for ya.

From what I’ve seen on their website, and in the reviews in Amazon and CDNow, these guys seem to be doing for the Jug Band movement what the SN Zippers and the CP Daddies are doing for Swing. Am I right?

I personally love jug bands (as well as most other kinds of early-20th century pop music), and I heartily approve of the songlists on these albums: “Hesitation Blues,” “Shave 'em Dry,” “Deep Elem Blues,” yum. I’ll give them a try and report back to you.

FYI: MOTHER MCCREE’S UPTOWN JUG CHAMPIONS has just been released on CD. Long-thought lost tapes recorded in Palo Alto, 1964, featuring Bay-area folkies Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, who would go on the next year to found the Grateful Dead.

(To answer your other question on the previous thread: Nah, I stole the name directly from the original Ukulele Ike. Ish Kabibble and Harry “The Hipster” Gibson were already taken.)


Little Cliffie–

Ukelele Ike is good, no doubt, but he’s no Frank Crumit.

Anyone else a fan of the New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra? Great New Orleans band that does numbers like “Lena, Queen o’ Palesteena” and “Since Rebecca Came Back from Mecca.” Who SEZ I don’t like modern music?

Flora, so that was YOU I saw among the Stage-door Janies outside NIFTIES OF 1923?

Frank and I were on our way to the blind pig on 43rd Street after the matinee; we had to WADE through the ukulele groupies. But he’s still talkin’ about the long-legged one who looked like Cher and Frank Zappa had a baby.

– Anachronistic Uke, striking up “Abdul Abulbul Amir”

Ike and Flo: What a team!!

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