At home do you prefer the overhead lights or lamp lights?

An odd but currious question.

I prefer lamp lights myself. Overhead lights make me feel too much like I’m at work.

And of course genius that I am; I chose the wrong option on my own damn poll!! :smack:

Exactly 50/50, that’s funny.

I guess not many people are passionate about this issue. I am, because builders went through a phase where they didn’t put overhead lights in living rooms, because supposedly no one wanted them. GRRRR!!!

I actually said other, as in indirect lighting. But I am definitely anti-overhead lighting. They give me a headache. I actually wear a hat at one my friends house because they have about 4 100 w bulbs in their ceiling fan lights.

Definitely overhead lights. I like to be able to see.

The overhead lights were one of the features of my current place that helped in my decision to buy. I’d been shown various other, newer places by agents, who waxed lyrical about the “lovely new lighting design” etc. Translation: you won’t be able to see anything.

This is very important to me! I hate hate hate overhead lighting unless I’m doing something that requires serious light, like tweezing my eyebrows or sewing. Otherwise, lovely warm lamp light is what I love.

I want good illumination available in every spot of my home whenever I want it. So I put in a variety of overhead lighting controlled by lots of switches, most are dimmers. I loathe hanging out at friends’ with poor lighting, particularly trying to cook in a kitchen without extra undercabinet lights.

Yes. :smiley:

Any, all and as many as possible.

I like to have an overhead fixture in a ceiling fan, but use lamps except for the rare occasion that I need very bright light. That is only in the living room and bedrooms. Kitchen and bathrooms need lots of light, as much as possible.

Absolutely. I like my living space will lit, much to the chagrin of my “lights-on=wasting-money” wife.

Shaded indirect lights anywhere except the kitchen and bathroom. I find most overheads way too harsh. I’m thinking back to days of gaslight, and imagining I would not have been too happy with that.

Indirect lighting like a torchiere or candlelight. Photophobia (sensitivity to light) is fun.

I like a mix.

Where I’m working (studio, kitchen), I like bright overhead lighting, sometimes supplemented with a halogen gooseneck for up close work. In places like the living room or bedroom, lamplight.

Builders went to that phase and still do because its an area you can cut costs. It costs more to wire rooms for overhead lighting.

I’ve done many jobs at customers great expense putting overhead lighting into houses that opted out of them when being built.

Any new home I’m involved with recommend wiring every living, bed, and dining room with a ceiling fan rated box at the center. That way even if the person is opting to go without overhead lighting or ceiling fans it is still an inexpensive option for the next person.

I like overhead lighting. Lamp light tends to drive me nuts because bodies can get in the way and block your light.

Overhead lights come in handy when we’re looking for a small or very sharp part that we can’t find. 99% of the time, however, we have the lamp light on.

I like indirect lighting, but not really overhead direct lighting. Indirect “track” lighting = good, overhead fan with 4 bulbs = bad. I don’t like lamps at ALL, IMO they’re not bright enough and I like using switches for overhead lights and not turning off each individual lamp by itself. Also, overhead lighting has better dimming options than lamps.

I really hate overhead lighting – I don’t need that light up there; I’d prefer to have it darker overhead.

And it doesn’t put the light where I need it – if the source is overhead, my own shadow often blocks it. I’d rather have the source lower and closer to what I want illuminated, without my shadow getting in the way.