"At Home" Exterminator Kits?

Has anyone had any experience with pest control products sold to the general public. I know that the high strength products are only sold to licensed exterminators but we can’t afford that this year.

We live in Northern Indiana. Our pests are more of an annoyance than a critical problem like my Floridian friends. We have earwigs, termites, carpenter ants, and spiders.

Any words of wisdom?

Ortho Home Defense Max is pretty awsome.
We used to get ants every Spring, that hung around until cold weather. Other sprays would just keep them away for a few days. Now, we spray the Ortho around the foundation, when they first show up. They don’t come back until the following year.
You can also use it indoors. There’s no odor. And it’s safe around pets after it dries.


I’ve used the Ortho Home Defense stuff with good results–as good as the professional exterminators. We primarily have ants, being in Texas that’s a given, and this works pretty well. I doesn’t last a year here, though. I usually use it quarterly. It’s certainly worth a try, and you can find it everywhere.

Great, I’ll run out and get some. Thanks!