At last! Funniest Marx Brothers Movies on DVD!

Stop. Do not read the rest of this thread. Go right now to Amazon or your favorite DVD seller and reserve your copy of, ta da, The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection (The Cocoanuts / Animal Crackers / Monkey Business / Horse Feathers / Duck Soup).

Region 1 only. Sorry, rest of world.

This means that together with The Marx Brothers Collection (A Night at The Opera/A Day at The Races/A Night in Casablanca/Room Service/At the Circus/Go West/The Big Store) you only need one more DVD to complete the 13 movie set.

And Love Happy is pretty cheap.

I expect to see Julius Henry, RTFirefly and the rest of the gang in here soon, oohing and aahing. :slight_smile:

Not a problem. I live in England, which is supposedly Region 2, but my DVD player will play DVDs from any region. It will also play either PAL or NTSC. It will also display JPEGs saved to CD. In fact, so far I haven’t found anything it can’t play. I think if I shoved some buttered toast into it, it would find a way to display an image.

Yeah, but only on beans. :wink:

Plus a hard-boiled egg.

Honk! Honk!

Make that *two * hard-boied eggs.

And one duck egg.

For some reason I’ve never gotten around to getting any of the Marx Brothers movies on DVD.

Now I know why - I was unconsciously waiting for this set. I’m not even going to bother putting on my Christmas gift list.

It must be mine!


Oooh. Aaaah.

Thanks for the heads up, big bro. Only 85 days to go.

Did someone call me schnurrer?

Hooray hooray hooray!!

At last we are to have it, the famous DVD Set.
The price of course is preset. The boxed set has arrived!
Most happily we’ll watch it, without the slightest worry,
Until our sight is blurry. The boxed set has arrived!
At last the boxed set has arrived!

Exapno Mapcase
I represent the boxed set, which insists on my informing you
of these conditions under which you can obtain them.
In one thing they restrict the fun by release in only Region One,
So the rest of the world must unfortunately abstain them.

The rest of the world must unfortunately abstain them.
They all must abstain!

Exapno Mapcase
Add MGM to Paramount, completion may seen tantamount.
Add Love Happy and you’ll have all 13 then.

At last we are to have it, the famous DVD Set.

Did someone call me sneeset?

**Chorus:**The boxed set has arrived!
Hooray for the Marx Brothers much better than the others.
For you and me on DVD,
and that is why we say, hooray, hooray, hooray!

Woo hoo!! Now I won’t be going crazy wondering about when and if these were going to be released. I guess there is a sanity clause!
Thanks for the heads up.

Bows in homage and respect to Bienville.


About bloody time.

No mention of any extras–kind of a bummer, but still, Opera’s my fave and there are few box sets that can compare for that price.


Oh, and nice work Bienville.

Thanks Exapno (and :smack: for noting that though Opera is my fave, it’s not in this box set)

Ah! but it is in the boxed set that was released this past spring. See the second link in the OP.