AT&T Stock Question

I have a friend who inherited some 30 shares of AT&T stock, which was purchased on 1-30-68. I know the Federal Government’s antitrust decision took affect in 1982…so how would I go about finding how many shares of what companies my friend now owns. Thanks!

Try asking AT&T.

Look at their website. In the Investor Relations section, they have a bunch of FAQ’s about mergers, stock splits, etc. so it appears that they answer questions like this fairly often.

I’ll second t-bonham here, with a caveat or two. AT&T has gone through several changes, and has had stock spinoffs as well. If your friend has stock certificates in his name and has not been receiving dividends and stock split notices from AT&T’s transfer agent (Equiserve), it’s possible the shares have been declared abandoned and turned over to the Unclaimed Property division of the shareholder’s last known state of residence.

It might be worth it to call Equiserve directly (800-348-8288) to inquire about the status of the shares. Or check into an inquiry via their web site ( ).

Good luck.