AT&T U-verse: How to disable Wi-Fi?

Through a fair amount of stupidity I now have AT&T U-verse. As I understand this new modem/gateway/router thingy also allows Wi-Fi access. I want to disable this as I don’t want any of my neighbors doing anything that might get me into trouble. Poking around AT&T’s website all I have been able to find so far are instructions to setup a connection, but not how to secure one. I will call AT&T tomorrow, but I thought I would ask here as well, just to be sure.

Bonus question: Just how far does the Wi-Fi signal go?

Gateway: Motorola NVG510


You should have a password that came with it, probably in the form of a sticker that’s been stuck to the front of the manual. That level of protection will stop neighbors that aren’t professional crackers/intelligence agency personnel.

Oh, and in my house - I can access our AT&T UVerse WiFi on the sidewalk out front, but that’s about it. It doesn’t extend into my backyard, with the WiFi box at the front of the house.

Click here:
to access the router’s status page.

At the top, click on “Home Network” then underneath, click on “Wireless.”
You will get a page that looks like this.

At the top, change Wireless Operation from “On” to “Off” and then click on the blue “SAVE” button at the bottom.

The thing is I live in hotel with very small rooms. My guess is (going by room size) this building is about 35 feet wide X 80 feet deep. There is also one registered sex offender living here. I doubt that this person is a concern but I rather not find out the hard way.

Thank you!

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And of course the URL you gave me is listed on the side of the gateway right next to the device access code.

Thank you for your help.