At the age of 47 could I enlist?

OK, probably not me. I would not pass the physical. But is there a cut-off past which the military won’t take someone?

They have raised the max ages in recent years, but 47 still won’t make it.

Active duty Army - 42
Army Reserves - 42
Army Natinal Guard - 42
Active duty Air Force - 27
Air Force Reserve - 34
Air National guard - 34
Active duty Navy - 34
Navy Reserves - 39
Active duty Marines - 28
Marine Corps Reserves - 29
Active duty Coast Guard - 27
Coast Guard Reserves - 27

From here:

Of course there is also the old military adage, “There is a waiver for everything.”

If you have the right qualifications, it’s possible to enlist at the age of 60.

Well, if you can get into nursing school this fall and graduate with an RN, I’ll bet you can find at least one branch that will let you in at age 51.

It depends whether you have a skill the armed services really need.

My dentist is in her mid-forties, and she says the Army has been trying hard to recruit her.

Of course, dentists are in short supply. If you don’t have a talent that’s in equally short supply, they may not want you… in peacetime, at any rate.

Presumably age and physical condition matters less in Military Intelligence.

Just jumping on your post so I dont have to start a new one , but have the recruiters noticed an upturn in recruits due to the economic conditions.


I knew of one guy who was a physican and he was in THE WORST shape you could be in, without being, you know, dead.

He did research at the U of Chicago and the army wanted him because he had a top knowledge of viruses. He was 48 and they were hounding him to join. So he did.

I STILL can’t believe he was able to pass boot camp, he said they “looked the other way for a lot of things.” He now works at some military place that deals with germs.

So evidently, if they want you bad enough

Do they still deduct time for prior service? Say, you’ve already done four years and now you’re four years over the age limit?

Yes, yes they have.
Except for the National Guard. People don’t want to be weekend warriors when they’re unemployed all week long.

Another example of you never know what kind of specific skill that they are after:

My Pops installed heating/ventillation/air conditioning systems and he was recruited by the Army up till his late 40’s (he had worked on the HVAC systems of jet engine and missle testing facilities 15 or 20 years prior).

Doctors and dentists go in at the rank of captain.

People such as doctors get direct commissions. They do not have to go to boot camp. They go to a short course which teaches them which arm you salute with.

I read about a woman psychiatrist who was recruited to go to Iraq and she was around 60.

I went into a Marine Corps recruiting office two days ago to pick up some info for my FIL; the guy I talked too asked when I would be able to report to boot camp. I’m 68.

I think he was hitting on you. :wink:

Well, if I had known that-----he was big and tall and those dress blues are so nice and they fit him so well and all----I might could maybe just possibly be a little bit tempted.

Gosh, with prior service credit (if that includes reserve time as “credible service”), I could enlist up to the age of 48! But it was common to reduce prior service people in rank… heck, I dropped for E4 to E2 just for transferring from the reserves to the regular army! I wonder what it would be like to be the oldest PFC in a company?

Here’s a woman who enlisted in the marines at 58.