At this rate it will be Sept 18, 2001

My 100th post. I can’t wait to throw a party like weirddave’s 1000th post party. At my current post rate it will be Sept 18, 2001 before the big blowout. Anyway here’s to getting there.

i’m there. i’ll join you celebrating since i just hit 60! woo-hoo!

wait a sec, are you gonna have the same stuff wierddave did? if not, i might not bother.

That and more my friend, that and more!

You are already at 100?

I am confused. Did you mean 1000?

That extra 0 means alot there buddy.

I was at my 100th post. I had just seen weirddave’s post for his 1000th. It took me almost 2 months to reach 100 posts and 100 posts is not really a big deal. I “celebrated” by 100th with a lame whoop-t-shit type of post. I hope to get to 1000 some day and throw a barn burner. That’s all.