At What Point Do Fanboys (and Girls) Cry, "Enough?"

Are there any series of books, movies, or television shows that you’re a big fan of but feel they overstayed their welcome? I don’t mean a specific television series that declined the course of a few seasons. For example, I personally think Buffy the Vampire Slayer declined in quality after the 5th season but it’s not an example of a franchise that overstayed its welcome.

A good example of a franchise that overstayed its welcome is Babylon 5 in my opinion. I loved Babylon 5, I loved some of the made for TV movies, but I really disliked the the spin-off series Crusade and the stand alone movies Legend of the Rangers and Thirdspace. I felt as though they added very little of value to the franchise and they weren’t very good to begin with. Just my opinion.

It got me to think, for those of us who are big fans of a particular franchise or series, is there a point at which you say enough is enough? Are there any you gave up on?


X-Files had millions of fans crying “enough” for about the last two-four years.

To me, the point was truly met when you find out what happened to Mulder’s sister.

To my wife, the point was when you find out what happens to baby William.

Many cried “enough” when Mulder left.

There were so many “enough!” moments, it was pretty sad.

Star Wars Episodes 1, 2, and 3. 'nuff said.

Chuck Austen on X-Men. Haven’t purchased an issue of the core titles since.

I must confess, I’m not exactly sure what distinction you mean between “declined [in] the course of a few seasons” and “overstayed its welcome”. Are you looking for things only that had followup movies or specials, beyond the regular season, that didn’t add anything? That’s a pretty small group to choose from, given that the vast majority of series don’t have any sort of followup.

(And, personally, I disagree very strongly with your example. I thought “Crusade” had incredible potential, and could have been far greater than “Babylon 5” itself, if only the network morons hadn’t killed it).

Anyway, putting the unknown distinction aside, my entry would be ,sadly, “24”. It’s been at the top of my “must watch” list for a long time, but, enough already; it’s just repetitive. The writers aren’t even trying to come up with anything new, it’s just all recycled.

I know this was the excuse for why Enterprise was canceled. The fans blame writer burnout.

When Greedo shoots first.

Firefly. I thought that series was never going to end.

As an aside, what is the term for a female Fanboy?


I was fanboy status for the first season of Lost. Fan for the second season. Felt like they should’ve been wrapping things up by the third season. Haven’t watched since. When all is said and done, and they have ~120 episodes of Lost, there will be about 40 episodes of really good stuff buried in a mountain of shit.

Well, I’m not sure this is the OP’s idea(at least as I get it).

The problem isn’t that Star Wars out-ran its worth. It’s that the new films were just so tremendously bad.

If the films had even approached the quality of the originals, they would have been well received.

X-files, on the other hand, just grew tiresome. I think Buffy just barely dodged it, going out just around the time everyone was clearly ready for it to stop.

I’m watching Alias right now and I have to say, I was a huge supporter of it at the time, but it really was becoming repetitive by the end of season 2. It really should have wrapped up around then. The quality is still OK past that, but it only meanders around and makes me miss the earlier years.

Simpsons after season 10.

Simpsons is the easy winner here.

I felt like married with children also stuck around too long. It was weird and uncomfortable when Katy Seagal miscarried and they had Al wake from a dream to get rid of it on the show.

I would beg to differ… i just saw Boy meets Curl and was amazed how it still has me laughing after all of these years…

Example for me would be Miami Vice… they seriously flamed out after season 3… they held on for two more to make syndication. Also the Sopranos could have cut it one season short… i was very happy when they decided enough was enough…

The Marvel Universe has gotten really contrived and boiled-over at various times throughout my life. Civil War made me scream ENOUGH! and I quit paying attention for almost 3 years.

The newest Star Trek makes me roll my eyes left and right when I think about it. It’s a fun movie to watch though, which puts me in a strange place. It would have been great if they had called it something else. It’s not a good “Star Trek” though.

Can you explain this to me? I’ve never been able to get into Star Trek (for some strange reason I really want to) but I loved the new movie. I don’t understand why so many Trek fans didn’t like it.


slow clap :slight_smile:

Seriously though, the Simpsons is a very, very clear example, and has been for many, many seasons.