At what speed do manatees swim?

Can anyone tell me how fast manatees swim (cites would also be appreciated)?

From here

One can only imagine that ironing out any wrinkles makes them more streamlined.

As a point of reference, the current 1500m mens’ Olympic freestyle record is 14:43:40, which is about 6.1 km/hr. The 100m record is about 48 seconds or 7.5 km/hr.

I’m an OK swimmer, and I’ve done several open water swim races of 2 - 2.5miles in length. My typical speed over that distance is just over 2 mi/hr or 3.2 km/hr. These days, unfortunately, my physique is probably closer to that of a manatee than to an Olympic swimmer. :slight_smile:

Manatees, of course, are swimming mostly under water, so the comparison with a human swimmer is not too meaningful, but I thought it might be interesting to compare us anyway. We don’t have nearly the “sprint” capacity in the water that they do, but we could probably cruise along with them fairly well.

thanks a lot, guys.