Atheist's Afterlife!

Okay fellow Atheists, we were wrong! We have shuffled off this mortal coil and now find that there is an afterlife and the Flying Spaghetti Monster lets us choose how we would spend eternity (oblivion now or later is also an option)

The laws of physics can be what you make them (or obey them as they stand -its your call)

How would you choose to spend a disembodied future, space travel? Time travel? Reincarnation?

Hey forget that disembodied caveat, its your heaven you can make it how you want!

For me at least for a couple of millenia I could do the universal tourist (a la HGTG)

Meet you all at the restaurant at the end of the Universe!

I’d come back as various people, but I’d spend a lot of time space truckin’ too.

If I’m wrong about the whole atheism thing, then I hope to earn my spot among the best of fallen warriors…
Valhalla, I am coming…

There must be a Waffle House.

Will I have my senses? Will I still have physical urges or will I just drift around? Will I be able to communicate with others?

Reincarnation I could live with (ha!) but disembodied, senseless drifting for all of eternity? No thank you.

Its what you want! For as long as you want it!

tdn pointed out something about coming back as another person. I never thought about that but it could be cool to come back here for while as a woman. ( as long as I could bail before second base hahaha!)

I was thinking more along the lines of a rich playboy, but if I have all eternity to work with, I’m sure my curiosity would lead me to some more interesting choices. What would it be like to be a 40-year-old female brain surgeon? Or a jockey? Airline pilot?

When I was a kid, I always thought that Heaven would be like a giant repository of every piece of entertainment - book, TV show, movie, whatever - ever made by humans, including future ones, so you could just sit there taking it all in for eternity.

It turns out that my idea of Heaven was actually bitTorrent.

But anyway, if there really is an afterlife - which personally I think would be cool even though I don’t believe in it - I think I’ll just take the standard issue, with dead loved ones hanging around and angels and harps and lots of really rowdy sex.

MsWhatsit Standard issue? Didn’t Leonard Cohen sing in Closing Time that the standard issue place was “dead as heaven on a Saturday night”? No rowdy sex there for you am afraid!

Dude, you don’t want to hang with the jocks, they’ll beat you up. :smiley:

Ontopic: Uh I guess I’d wait for my wife to die so I can hang out with her.

I would want most of all to be with my mother again. Also I’d like to see the various pets we’ve lost over the years.

I’m an atheist who believes in reincarnation which I spose is an afterlife.

Dude, do not harsh on my imaginary made-up eternal cloud sex party.

Immortality, good health and a perfect memory. All I want is the chance to know everything eventually. I don’t want it handed to me on a platter-searching is half the fun.

There are certainly parts of my home planet’s history I would love to witness, the great extinctions, the ice ages, evolutionary events and early, mid and relatively modern historical events. The next few millenia of human development. Actually, I would hang around here ( in an ethereal sort of way) until we have finally extinguished ourselves! Not in real time but in a sort of TIVO get to the good bits sort of style.

And then I would be gone to see what else is out here in this universe

Time and space travel would probably keep me occupied for several thousand millenia.

I would just sit there in the dark with my eyes closed never saying anything.

I hate being proven wrong.

I would live in the Pokemon world.

That is all.

I imagine that witnessing things like this would be colossally boring. Would you speed them up or anything?

Well, the wife says that she’s with me forever (forget that “'til death do us part” shit) so I guess I’ll go wherever the semi-lapsed Catholics go.

Maybe there will be a Chinese buffet.