Atheists have no soul

As far as I know, neither atheists nor theists normally believe that atheists are different in terms of having souls. Either we all do or none of us do. If “soul” implies defined a mind that exists independently of a brain, then I would think most atheists believe nobody has one while most theists would believe everybody has one.

Let’s say that we find a way to prove that there is such a thing as a soul, and that atheists lack this “soul”. Could and would this be used as an excuse to treat us as less than human?
It makes me wonder why this question was asked.

I can see many an atheist answering “No, we don’t. And neither do you” (assuming we are talking about a supernatural soul). If this question uses “soul” in its, “whatever it is that separates us from clockwork” interpretation, then it would be a truly wicked thing to think (and as someone already posted, then they are not people and neither their atheism nor their soullessness has any value). I will leave this question as just another imponderable. The only answer can come after mortal life, and then we will not be able to act on it, so there is no point in worrying about this.

I still like “Temporal War Czar”, mentioned in another thread. Although both would be even cooler.

I still don’t get it. Why would having a soul make any difference in your belief in God ? I can see why it might change the soulless one’s attitude ( and give them an urge to go around in a black hooded cloak and talk in a spooky voice :smiley: ), but why would it affect belief in God ?

Don’t/didn’t some versions of Islam believe that women have no soul ? And I think that some racists used to argue that non-whites were just animals and had no souls, or inferior ones.

Sense of humor? Sense of proportion? Paleontologist wife?

Yes, yes that would be the plan.

That was surprisingly creepy.

If we are to understand that a human being can live and be sentient without a soul, it still doesn’t seem to make a difference. A person can convert from atheism to Christianity. Does that person gain a soul where none was before? A person can lose faith in Christ and become an Atheist, does that person loose their soul?

If so, then people can gain and lose souls over the course of their lifetime, and it’s just an slight variation on the usual deal. Atheists ought to be converted, not to save their souls, but to create it in the first place. This presumably would allow the bearer to gain eternal life.

If not, then you’ve pretty much stumbled upon a weird variation of Calvinism. Those with souls are destined to be saved. Those without will perish. Atheism isn’t the cause of soullessness, nor even a sure sign, but it is one possible symptom.

Well, my reasoning here is that, if the theist is making the blanket statement ‘Atheists have no souls’ (which implies all atheists and also - although tenuously - implies everyone else does have one), then he has to be meaning one of three things:

-(all) Atheists have no souls, that’s the reason they’re atheists
-(all) Atheists have no souls, as a result of becoming atheists
-(all) Atheists have no souls, and it’s just a huge coincidence

I have to admit that I hadn’t originally considered the possibility of meaning 2, but If it’s meaning 3, then it’s just meaningless trivia and not worth mentioning - if it’s meaning 1, however, then the theist is offering his explanation for the state of atheism - in which case he can’t go on to attribute it to something else, such as to say that atheists are atheists because they hate God, or because they’re too lazy to read the bible, or they’re being stubborn, or whatever.

Ok, that makes sense. I think I was basically assuming # 3 without thinking about it. After all, if some people have souls and some don’t, how do we know how many of either type there are ? Maybe almost nobody has one, and no atheist happens to be among the 1% with a soul.

Never mind.

This was actually sort of my thinking. I wanted to see what people would think. Mangetout’s suggestion that atheists would then be unaccountable for their unbelief is an interesting twist on the idea.

If you need to look for some deep hidden agenda, it’s all layed out in the OP. I just wanted to see what people’s perception of the concept is.

>Don’t/didn’t some versions of Islam believe that women have no soul ? And I think that some racists used to argue that non-whites were just animals and had no souls, or inferior ones.

Der Trihs is onto something important here. The OP statement, in a historical context and from a theist, could mean for example that killing athiests is not a sin, or that believers are essentially free to act any way they wish toward athiests, or could even be part of a belief system that encourages or requires some mean behavior toward athiests.

Have you actually heard someone say this, mswas? It seems like everyone is tilting at windmills until this moves out of the hypothetical.

My answer #1 would be that no one has a soul, so the statement that atheists have no soul is true.

So, to the implications of Mangetout’s list.

If an omniscient God assigned future theists souls, but future atheists none, then we atheists are doing God’s work in a sense. Perhaps we are here to keep theists on their toes.

Now this goes against free will. Suppose God waits until someone is old enough to make the theist / atheist decision, and assigns souls then. This implies that babies and fetuses have no souls, and Christians should immediately drop all objections to abortions.

However, people change their views. Does an atheist getting converted acquire a soul, and does a theist leaving the flock lose one? Do souls get put on and taken off like sweaters? Where to they go? The closet? The old soul’s home?

Thus, we can easily say that either everyone has a soul or no one has one.

No, I haven’t heard of it. It was inspired by atheists who say no one has a soul. I was wondering about the notion of a theist accepting that. “Ok, so you don’t have a soul.”

Since soul is another figment of the invisible world religions have to rely on, the question is inane. If souls existed, I am sure I would have 2 or 3 of them. Would you like to buy one.?

If souls exist, what makes you think you’d have more than one? Does everyone have more than one or do you have some sort of soul surplus? If that’s the case, how did you acquire these extra souls? Or is this another case of you attempting to insult theists?

Not insult theist just theirs stifling illogic. If we atheists have no soul ,we were created that way. What kind of cruelty do you accept from god as acceptable. Making some of us inferior and unable to be saved. How do you justify that. Actually logic does not fit in at all.

As I understand it, the Christian view is that atheists do have souls. They’re just souls that will suffer eternally for having an incorrect view of the universe.