atheists thank god

Some items from magazines: 1.From Free Inquiry,in May,Gov.Jesse Ventura decided not to have a day of prayer because some of his constiuents are atheists,and he represents them,too. 2.From Christianity Today:Exodus,the group that can heal homosexuals was set to put an ad on tv,but the station cancelled it because it could be discriminatory against homosexuals. 3.In Missouri,the municipal seal had to take the fish symbol off,because it represents christianity,supposedly. Rejoice you all (except arg) out there.


Good for him. Are you disagreeing with him? If so, on what point?

No, Exodus cannot in any way, shape, or form, “cure” homosexuals. Therefore, any ad that claims they can should probably be looked at very closely on that count alone. Also, your source is Christianity Today, I wouldn’t expect impartial observation from them.

On this one I fear I am a bit in the dark. Where in MO? Also, in the instance that I recall bearing some resemblance to this one, the fish did, indeed, exist to represent Christianity. Your insertion of “supposedly”, above, notwithstanding.

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vanillaice wrote:

I doubt very much that the station was afraid of being charged with “discrimination” against homosexuals. A privately-owned TV station can air just about anything it wants, provided it conforms to the FCC’s “morality” standards.

They were most likely worried that it would alienate a large segment of their viewers and thus reduce their ratings and/or bring down some “bad press” on them.

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

Indeed, I rejoice!

Good for Ventura–one of the things I like about Clinton is he’s the only sitting President to acknowledge atheists.

As far as that anti-homosexual group; well, if someone placed an ad saying they offered a service that would “cure” you of being Swedish, don’t you think that should be looked into?

I had been following the fish-logo controversy, and I do agree that a town should not single out one religion on its sign, which would imply a “Christians only” community.

  1. Hurra! for Jesse “the Body” Ventura! Muscles and brains in one body, huh?

  2. A “group that can heal homosexuals”? Are they sick?

  3. What fish? (kidding!!! :))


Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe absurdities.

[[Exodus, the group that can heal homosexuals…]]]

And for their next trick they’ll “heal” black people, assuming they can get any to sit in the Holy Tub of Bleach…

Personally, I’d like to see somebody heal bigots. I’m not gonna hold my breath, however.

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And please, folks, don’t start healing cats by making them into dogs, putting fish in trees, attaching legs to snakes, etc.

To clarify myself,I meant the group that says it can heal homosexuals,not that they can.


ammended to:

I’m curious. Did you write to the network, GM, and the other sponsors when rumblings among several Fundamentalist groups caused several of the sponsors to back out of support for the show on the life of Jesus a few years ago? The show was reviewed by a number of biblical scholars who pronounced that it was perfectly consistent with the Gospels, but the fundies took umbrage at one scene and raised such a ruckus that all the major sponsors pulled out.

If you went along with that boycott, you have no reason to complain that a network chose to not air ads that contain patently false advertising.


Tomndebb, No I didn’t even know about that boycott. I don’t work for the tv censorship board,so if they want to put Howard Stern on tv naked,I don’t care. It certainly wouldn’t corrupt anyone. I wasn’t complaining about the station not airing the Ads,just reporting.

one of the things I like about Clinton is he’s the only sitting President to acknowledge atheists.>>> F McF

Being that Clinton is our only sitting president, there is no one to compare him to.

“Its fiction, but all the facts are true!”

Very funny. The sentence means–and was written to mean–that Clinton was the only president that, while in office, acknowledged atheists.

For corn’s sake! I make enough legitimate mistakes and typos, and this gazookis jumps on me for a sentence that was perfectly correct and understandable!

I imagine, Flora, that Sox was just ribbing you.

If, however, I am mistaken, then I imagine that Sox will flay me alive for daring to speak for him.

Either way. . .

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I’m going to need a specific definition here.

GL is correct, it was a joke. I also think you could go a long way using the term “sitting president” with Mr. Clinton, considering some of the antics in the oval office.

“Its fiction, but all the facts are true!”

A “gazookis” is kinda like a “palooka.”

And wasn’t Clinton sitting when, umm . . . oh, never mind, that’s SO April '99.

You sure it isn’t anything like a “bazooka”?

As far as I’m concerned, any group that is willing to heal homosexuals should be encouraged. I think it’s totally unfair that they should be discriminated against for medical attention due to their sexual orientation.

Oh, you mean…

Never mind! :wink: