Atkins diet alcohol consumption question

The Atkins diet book I have glosses over the effect of alcohol consumption on ketosis. Now, I imagine that beer is out because it is all carbs, but what about liquors and wines? If alcohol is ok, how much can one consume in, say, one night?

Thanks in advance!

2 seconds on Google finds this:

Thanks, Shoshana! Found that, but thought that it was a little vague. i.e.-postpones for how long? Are clear spirits better?

Anyone have any actual experience?

There was also a thread a while ago about which alcoholic drinks were absorbed more thoroughly, with some debate.

Maryann Crenshaw describes her life as an alcoholic pill popper and Atkins Diet follower in her two books "The Natural Way to Super Beauty"and “The End of the Rainbow.” Pretty heavy stuff.

In the end, she’s no longer drinking, popping, or Atkins-dieting.

Not a definitive answer (and with a few typos), but the newsgroup FAQ says:

I used to frequent this newsgroup and found it to be pretty useful.

W/o carbs to slow the absorbtion, you can get buzzed on the cheap. (speaking from personal exp.)

Thanks for all the replies!

Yep, I’ve had the same experience. I believe it’s specifically due to having less glucogen in your liver.