Atlanta, Ga. - It's BEAUTIFUL outside today!!!

… and I’m stuck inside until 6:30 :mad:

Same here in Huntsville, AL. I guess we should have recorded the day on the Weather Channel :slight_smile:

I should have called into work afraid. Afraid I can’t make it…

Starting to cool down a bit here! It’s 102 degrees and dry!! Nice!!
Of course, inside the porta-shitters its 115 and humid… but it can’t be perfect everywhere!

84 degrees here: Jackson, MS is beautiful too!

It’s clear, sunny, and 19 degrees C outside today.

And I have four assignments/papers due next week. :mad: :frowning:

It IS beautiful now in Atlanta.

I’m a born and bred New Englander and the last few weeks of 80+ degrees plus humidity here was making me wear the crankypants.

It was about 102 here today as well. Dry with humidity well below 20%. Loved it!

Sorry you were stuck inside. I rode my horse this morning(2 hours), mowed the grass, (one hour), went fishing this afternoon(three hours) and took my dog on a one-hour bicycle ride/dog run. Great day to be outside in central Alabama!

It was an absolutely perfect day, ideal for driving in the country with the top down. Unfortunately, the inability to find gas without waiting in line for an hour prevents such a plan from developing.

I just went outside to get some lunch. It’s another beautiful day. UGH! Damn you need to work for a living, damn you to hell!!! :mad:

80 degrees in Florida, nice and breezy. This is the first day in a long time I actually want to be outside. Matter of fact, I’ll go out right now. :smiley:

Sunny, blue skies and 67 here. And I saw the most amazing tree turning orange on the way to work.

A few degrees cooler and it would be perfect.

Cleveland is 77 and not a cloud in the sky. Oh, autumn.