Atlanta Marathon: $80.00!!!! Entry Fee

That’s if you pay by 7.15.11. After that it increases incrementally the longer you wait.

Is this about right?

I last ran it in '90 and only paid (IIRC) $25.00.

If you’re a marathoner, how does this compare to where you run?



My last race before my accident(mid 2004) was a 12K-$40.

The 2011 Columbus Marathon is $65 to register right now and goes up in $10 increments as the date approaches, maxing out at $105.00.

My Boston Marathon entry fee (for a fund raising entry) is $250.

I think I may have sounded like a miser in that thread up there. Didn’t mean to and I realize that inflation does cause costs to go up, which includes managing a marathon.

I am curious as to why they aren’t offering a senior citizen’s discount, however.



Boston marathon is $130 if received by April 1, $180 after
San Francisco marathon is $135
Chicago marathon is $145
New York marathon is $196
Philadelphia marathon is $80 if you register 8 months in advance, increasing to $125 on race day
Charlotte NC Thunder road marathon is $75 if you register 8 months in advance, increasing to $125 on race day.

Sounds like it is comparable to fairly cheap for a marathon in a major city.

Because you guys are too fast. :smiley:

I appreciate this thread, btw, because it has reminded me that I better get my butt in gear and register for the 2011 Columbus half-marathon (I’m not a marathon runner! …yet) before the price goes up!

There are two big Atlanta area marathon events:

In general, fees for the major marathons start near $100 and then increase as the event date approaches.

Ha! Not me, pat! :slight_smile:

In 1990, they were taking up the cones behind me! :D:D:D


I’m sentimental about the ATC, plus no way can I get ready for the Georgia marathon (March). I made some friends while training and we all ran in a bunch until the end when a few of us (like me) began hitting the wall.

One thing, though: I really liked the fact that all previous Atlanta marathons were on Thanksgiving Day. They have since moved it to Oct 31st and didn’t have one at all in '10.

I’m looking forward to this one. It’s going to be a huge personal challenge for me.


ATC is still running the half in November. The old ATC marathon used the 1996 Olympic course and had a tight course limit - something like five hours.

Ah! Thank you, cerberus, I didn’t realize that both would not be run on the same date.

The '96 marathon: Did it start near Turner field and did it start on a hill?

The one I ran began and ended in Piedmont Park (quite a while ago, huh? :))

Thanks again


Its the grave holes and the banna peels they have access to. Gives em high traction and low friction.

I still think some of you runners should come out and try the St. George Marathon in Southern Utah. It would make for a fun Dopefest if enough of you did it.

I work the Marathon driving a weenie wagon every year. Extremely organized, and absolutely beautiful scenery. This year it’s on October 1, but you must register between April 1 and May 1. Only 7400 runners are accepted.

And the cost if you’re accepted? $80.

$80 is about the going average (if a bit low) for a marathon. Quite a few half-marathons around here are that much! The Shamrock Marathon (in VA Beach, VA) starts at $80 and ramps up to $110 by race day. (The half goes from $70-$100 – might as well run the full!)

Be sure to run slowly to get the biggest bang for your buck :slight_smile:

Serious question: if you win, is there a cash prize?

I find it a bit mind-boggling that people are willing to spend so much money to run in a crowd.

It boggles my mind that people are willing to spend so much money to go sit in a stadium while people run around on a field and toss a ball back and forth. But I figure that’s their business, and don’t need to share my opinion on this in threads where people are discussing their enjoyment of this activity. :slight_smile:

Yes, typically there is a cash prize for the winner.

Yeah, the stadium thing blows me away, too. Sorry, I though this thread was about how expensive marathon entry fees were, as per the title. :wink: Didn’t mean to be rude, truly.

You also get a t-shirt, a medal, food and water stations along the course, medical attention, lots of goodies at the expos, official timing, photos, and a large number of people cheering you on.