Atlantic City Casino recommendations

My wife and I are looking to go to AC for a weekend in October. We’d like to stay at one of the hotel/casinos, preferably one with good non-gambling things to do (a nice spa, decent shows, etc.) Of course, we’ll gamble too, but want other diversions as well.

Any recommendations on a good place to stay?

Also, any advice for getting better rates than the outrageous prices you get quoted at the hotel’s web sites? (>$225 night) Maybe this is just standard. Perhaps there’s just more competition in Vegas, but it seems like rates there are a lot more reasonable. If I didn’t expect to also lose money gambling, I probably wouldn’t feel that bad about paying north of $200/night for a nice room.

Unfortunately those prices a pretty standard. The good news is its pretty easy to get a comp room. If you have never been there thats not an option. I don’t know if the comps can be transferred from Vegas to AC, a lot of the casinos are owned by the same companies so that might be an option.

I recommend the Borgata. It is the newest and in my opinion the best casino in AC. It is advertised as a Spa/Casino and they have put a lot of effort into the spa. As for shows, AC isn’t Vegas. You don’t have the ammount of good shows there. You will have to do some research into what is going on in each casino on the weekend you want.

I haven’t been to the Borgata, but I’ve heard really wonderful things about it.
Just keep in mind that it’s not on the boardwalk, it’s near the marina. It’s just a very short jitney ride to the boardwalk, though.

If you want to stay on the boardwalk, I really like the Taj Mahal.

Like Loach said, it’s pretty easy to get a comped room in AC if you’re gambling. Don’t be afraid to ask.

I know you said you’re planning on going on a weekend in October, but should your plans change and you’re looking at the weekend of Nov. 6-7, you’d better book your room now.

NJEA’s yearly convention is held in AC. I ended up down there once during the convention and had one hell of a time finding a room.