Is Atlantis still existing today? Or did it ever? Please answer or atleast try.

See Cecil’s column Is the lost city of Atlantis at the bottom of a lake in North Dakota? for a good start on the subject.

I guess if its not in the bible then no.

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As for your question:

Did Atlantis exist ?.. Pfft maybe ? doubt it.
Where was it meant to be … well the depends on which map - some put Atlantis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean … funny that.

Others put it in the mederterain (sp) sea… … if it was to be anywhere, i would agree with them due to amount of volcanic activity that was around the time of the legend.

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No, it’s the Mediterranean.

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It helps, I feel, if you remember the word means “middle” (medi) + “of the earth” (terranean). Took me an age to get a handle on it.

Heh. Reading books on the Atlantis legends when I was a kid helped … :slight_smile:

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humanity evolved before?

It’s right here under it’s dome, where it’s always been. Thanks for asking!


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The Thera/Santorini explanation seems most promising, though I’ve also heard the same process can be used to explain what’s left of the Canaries and the Azores…after all, Atlantis was supposed to be beyond the Pillars of Hercules, the modern Straights of Gibraltar.

An interesting note: in the Azores, there are flocks of birds on their way to or from an annual migration, and are often witnessed circling a stretch of open ocean…looking for somewhere to land?

(no text cite…memory of Discovery channel/TLC)

hmmm…and also what happened to the Dodo? Possible extinction from HERE? (here as in society) Mabey its in Atlantis (wouldnt as well be in the Atlantic Ocean…atlantis-atlantic?)

Well, there’s no mystery about the tragic fate of the dodo. The dodo was a flightless bird found only on the island of Mauritius (in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar). It had two close relatives, the solitaires, one species each on Mauritius’ sister island of Reunion and on the smaller island of Rodrigues.

There were no large animals in the Mascarene Islands (Mauritius, Reunion, and nearby smaller islands) where the dodos and solitaires lived, so those birds lost the expensive habit of flying, and in general had no instincts to avoid predators. When humans and their domestic and parasitic animals (dogs, cats, pigs, and rats) came to the islands, they quickly drove the dodos extinct by direct hunting (by both humans and non-human animals), habitat destruction, and the destruction of the dodos’ nests (by the dogs and rats and pigs and so on).

Dodos were not aquatic birds like penguins, and even penguins need some dry land to retreat to–to breed for example–so it seems unlikely (to say the least) that dodos could have somehow survived on a now-sunken island or continent.

You make a really good point MEBuckner, in fact I pre-flected that perhaps this might have occured, but then again, you most likely searched google, lol.