Atrocious albums by artists you adore

I’m really a fan of Neil Young. He has made so many albums, various masterpieces, many solid, some mediocre, some strange, but then there is “Landing On Water”. This album is so horrible, utter dreck that I have been able to listen to it only twice in my life. I still can’t see the point why this was ever recorded, let alone released.

Another example would be Dylan’s “Knocked Out Loaded” (minus Brownsville Girl). What a crap from a man who made “Blood On The Tracks” and a dozen other masterpieces.

And don’t let me start talking about “Cut The Crap” by the Clash. It’s got its best description in it’s title…

Which are your examples?

Metallica - St. Anger. They had been going downhill for a few years, but this was a freefall into crap. It also has the worst drumming I’ve ever heard on a CD.

Pat Metheny - Zero Tolerance for Silence. Basically a CD full of noise. Obviously some sort of experiment for Pat.

I was once a huge fan of Judy Collins. Bought everything–her early albums, Best Of. Then I got Whales & Nightingales. Ewwwwww.

That plus a couple of live concerts ended my Judy Collins fandom.

It’s funny that you mention the drumming, because I think that the worst drumming ever recorded is in “Driftin’ Too Far From Shore” from “Knocked Out Loaded”, one of the albums I mentioned in my OP.

Yes: Open Your Eyes

I can handle 90125 and Big Generator, though they aren’t the greatest; but OYE is utter crap, the only album of theirs that I pretend doesn’t exist.

Rush: everything from Counterparts onward.

As for Metallica - I’m not a huge fan, but a fan nonetheless; as far as I’m concerned, their last album was …And Justice For All.

Madonna. Of course her classic stuff is the best, but I was right there with her through Ray of Light, Music, American Life, and even found some stuff to love on Confessions on a Dance Floor.

*Hard Candy *is so so so so so so so bad!

I love Bruce Springsteen, but Human Touch / Lucky Town were a big “meh” for me.