Attack of the 16 foot cactus plant (no, really!)

Story here

News stories like this one put me on pins and needles.

That’s going to sting.

I get your point.

There isn’t much of a root system holding up a saguaro. A little too much water, and it can fall right over.

I think it’s part of the SDMB registration agreement that you need to make a cactus pun since a precedent has already been set. You want to follow the rules don’t you?

Posters that don’t follow the rules have been a thorn in my side for ages.

Stick it.

Be nice, we can’t all have a barbed wit.

Authorities are now looking for a coyote and some sort of bird in conjunction with this incident.

Oooo. He was in a sticky situation.

Wow, I never heard of the Intensive Cactus Unit. Must be an Arizona thing.